Brandon Spratt






Brandon hosts events wherever he is in the world. If you are in the same area has him, make sure to check out the current events! The workshops focus on healing anxieties, depression and much more.


Whether you need inspiration to start your day or relax into your evening groove, Brandon created these free meditations with you in mind. Simply download and listen instantly.


Transform your life with Brandon. It's as close as you can get to Brandon being your personal coach, motivating, uplifting and inspiring you along your journey through life.



Insight Timer

Come meditate with Brandon on the worlds most popular meditation app. With over 8 Million plays and thousands of reviews, these meditation are designed to help you improve the quality of your life. Listen now!

Film Projects

Brandon creates short, inspirational and motivational content to help you along your own journey through life. Feel uplifted, remember your truth and be reminded to stay grateful!

iTunes Podcast

In this Podcast, Brandon shares his own intimate stories of spiritual awakening. Each episode has wisdom, laughter, depth and so much more. Share with a friend if you’re inspired!