Brandon Spratt


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Brandon was brought to his first yoga class when he was only four years old. However, it did not mean that life was to be smooth sailing as one would think. With an interest in film production, Brandon began working for high profile clients, celebrities, executives and entrepreneurs, including the Kardashian's and Chelsea Handler. The pressures of this lifestyle and occupation took a toll on Brandon's emotional and mental stability and lead down a path of drug and alcohol abuse, leading to a 6 month time of being completely homelessness, which led to his current nomadic lifestyle. A blessing in disguise it seemed. Fortunately, he was able to rise up from this rock bottom, ended up in a yoga studio where his Guru, Priya, took him in and supported his personal growth and began to integrate him back into the world. Now, Brandon is a yoga and meditation teacher, past life regression/hypnotherapist, has facilitated retreats, trainings and workshops around the world and inspiring others through his YouTube channel where he films and records his adventures and travels. Also check out more inspiring content on his Podcast on iTunes. 


Meditation is truly what saved my life. Without it, I was lost in a very confusing world. When I meditate it brings me into a place of knowing that everything will be okay, that I can make it through any challenge and I become reminded that there is so much joy around, if only I can just shift my perception to see it. In the beginning, it was difficult to incorporate meditation into my routine and now it has become a priority. It brings me into a space within myself that allows me to feel safe, grounded and calm, all the while increasing my ability to be focused and alert. Taking the time aside to check in and meditate actually expands time, efficiency and my focus. I'm truly grateful to have found meditation... or that it found me...


When one has learned something useful to themselves, it then becomes time to give it away. Just like Maya Angelou said, "When you get, give. When you learn, teach." I aim to live my life in this way. At first I thought meditation was just something that helped to ground and stabilize my very airy nature... But then it began to fill me up with so much joy and inspiration that I knew this was to be my path, to share meditation techniques that work and truly reprogram the neurosis of the mind that we have all experienced. Being a teacher also reminds me how humbled I have been along this path and what a privilege it is to be alive and inspire others to overcome their own challenges and expeirence victory over them. "There is a way through every block!"



These teachers were paramount along Brandon's path to becoming the leader he is today.  
They are his go to resources when in need of advice or clarity.
"And to all the teachers who are yet to come,
cheers to the ever unfolding path of
enlightenment and liberation,
joy and freedom."

Priya Jain

Priya is the Founder/CEO of Seventh Chakra Yoga, Orange County’s first premiere Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Studio. She is a 500 RYT, Certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and recognized by IKYTA.

Born and raised in India, Priya was exposed to a myriad of cultures, religions, philosophies and yogic practices, early on, in her childhood. She believes thather firm foundation in the wisdom traditions of the East and curious application of science and practicality of the West,gives her a unique perspective that allows the seamless bridging of the Heart and Mind. As she says, “ When the Heart and Mind compliment each other, the friction of the internal polarities diminish and the triangulation of Harmony rules.”

She completely embodies the qualities of her name, Priya, which in Sanskrit means “ The Beloved”. In her practice, she endeavors for each of her students to replace the self-sabotaging inner talk with conversations that invoke their inner power, deep love and faith within themselves. “Afterall”, she says, “ Finding true joy,love and respect for life and its interwoven relationships is impossible without first having that same devotion towards our own Self.”

Priya is also the Creator of the deeply transforming, Inner Awakening Program. She is a Motivational Speaker, leads Workshops and Spiritual Retreats along with hosting, administrating and Training at Seventh Chakra Yoga Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

Peter Debellis

Peter was born and raised in the east coast. He has resided in CA for the past 20 years and now calls it home. An engineer by training, he has always enjoyed understanding the creative working of all things mind, matter and human. Nature has always been a touchstone to return to and reminds him constantly of the simple elegance and rhythm of life. Outdoor sports has shown and taught him the importance and pleasure of presence along with being completely aware of the moment. Yoga and meditation is an extension of the above for him……focused and magnified!

He draws powerful analogies from everyday experiences to bring a fresh perspective life and its relationships. He uses the power of Pranayama,Kundalini Yoga, Sound therapy of the Gong and Singing Bowls to bring your entire being in a state of harmony.

Amrit Singh Khalsa


Amrit Signh Khalsa was in my Kundalini Yoga teacher training program and is someone whom I still reference to to this day when I need upliftment, redirection or help seeing what I cant always see myself. He has an ability to lift you up, see into the practicality of life and helps me get grounded again. As someone who tends to float away into the ethers like a runaway kite... Amrit brings me back into reality each time I try to unknowingly float away...