I recommend going through the "Living Radiantly" or the "Spiritual Rebirth" course before beginning this course. This is an advanced course meant for those who have a strong desire exponentially raise their vibration. 

This is a course that is very close to my heart. In this course, I will share with you intimate details of my spiritual awakening and the visions associated with those experiences. When I was awakening, I was leaving my body, astral traveling through the cosmos. It was an incredible experience, but I lost all ability to be grounded here on earth. 

If you are interested in being a channeler, I will teach you how to stay rooted and also soar high into other dimensions of existence. This is an advanced course, and the price is higher than the other classes and is not apart of the member program. It must be separate because only those who truly desire a massive shift in consciousness will respect the depth of this program. 

You will also work with me one-on-one via Skype calls and we will do out of body journeying together. The meditations are powerful and there is an interview process before I will accept any payment for this course. 

Video 1
Why Do You Want To Be A Channeler?

Because this program is so close to me, we will go through a series of interviews together so I understand where you desires come from. Having a clear understanding of who you and your story is how I will be able to serve you best for this program as we work together for the next 5 weeks. 

Video 2
Meditating With A Cosmic Connection

Here I will guide you and coach you on how to leave your body in a safe manner. There are a lot of energies that are unseen in this physical dimension and you want your vessel to be protected while you connect to your spirit and travel the cosmos. I will personally teach you what downloaded through me during my spiritual awakening. 

Video 3
Daily Commitment - Make Time For It

I have stressed the importance of this in other courses, and this is a necessary requirement for this course as well... maybe even more so. If you want to be a channeler where spirit can flow through you, unrestricted, you must commit to a daily consciousness practice morning and evening. I will go into deep detail as to why this is important and share the supernatural meditations that only certain Yogi's know of. It is powerful and will change your life.