The Conscious Collection

These are just some of the new products available within The Conscious Collection. 

The purpose (and passion) behind birthing this idea was to uplift and inspire ourselves and those around us with casual clothes and accessories that have a kind impact on those who take notice of the positive content on the products. 

Think about it for a moment. 

Your day starts off so, so. 

Maybe you hit your big toe on something hard right when got out of bed. 

You woke up late and skipped either going to the gym or your morning meditation practice. 

We all have those days where the flow seems harder to find, let alone jump back into. 

Your day is going not ideal compared to most days. Its just one of those off days. 

And now you are walking down the street where you see someone wearing that crop top above that says, "You have the power to uplift yourself."

And instantly you are reminded to check in with yourself. The Universe brought to you a message that you needed today to turn your day around. 

Now, the rest of your day begins to get back in the flow because you keep saying that mantra, "You have the power to uplift yourself" replaying in your mind over and over again. 

Before you know it, your day has turned around and those little mini miracles start to trickle back into your life. Maybe its just that you are more connected to your feelings and realizing that you actually do have the power to rise yourself back up into a more empowered state. 

When you lift yourself up through these kinds of reminders, you begin bringing clarity into your attraction power. When you are down, you attract more things that make you feel down. When you are inspired, happy and enthusiastic for life, life meets you with that same joy. 

Now your day has naturally turned around for the better and you think more about how you could also be an inspiration to others by just your attire alone. It sparks ideas and now you are on a creative roll. 

Its not long before you tell all your friends this story and want to share the good vibes all around!

Before you know it, all your friends and family are inspired by this simple story of a random persons kindness, wondering if that person even realizes how much this affected you. 


Okay, maybe we exaggerated a little bit here, but you get the idea. With how the world works and the primal, animalistic nature of our minds, we live in flight or fight. Fear or Love. There is so much duality around us its suffocating us. However, counteracting the duality with messages of love, in a small way, bring more hope and inspiration into a world that desperately needs it. 

It is our hope here that you understand the message behind The Conscious Collection and are inspired to wear these cloths, use the coffee cups or get a new iPhone case with the intention of spreading love and kindness back into the world. 

One by one we can soften the intensity of the world and bring more compassion into it. 

It starts with each one of us... and what easier way to spread that message through every day items, accessories, and clothing. 


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