I am going to share a strategy of mine that has made me fairly good money over the years (multiple 6 figures), which I stumbled upon by chance.

This specific strategy is how I made my first dollars online and I continue to use it today.

Learning a new skill requires a teacher, mentor, or someone to learn from..

Followed by a lot of practice.

For me, internet marketing was a skill I wanted to master.
But unfortunately they did not teach it in college.

Back when I was driving for Uber I thought to myself, “If I could become a good internet marketer, all of my work could be internet based, therefore I could travel the world while working online.”

However with my terrible attempt of a meditation / yoga  blog and no one to turn to, I searched online for courses or people I could learn from.

I bought many different programs and was quick to learn about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you sell a product on behalf of a company. When doing so, a percent of the sales profits are deposited to you automatically. This is done though an affiliate link.

Note: Not all companies offer rewards for selling as an affiliate, but many do.

Look, try this with Amazon

To become an affiliate of Amazon

• Go to www.amazon.com

• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Become An Affiliate’

•This will take you to what they call ‘Amazon Associates’.

•When you join Amazon Associates (for free), you will be able to get links to any product you like on Amazon which will have a tracking code attached to it.

  • So when someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase you will get a percent of the sale in commissions.

If you read a book you love, you can go to Amazon Associates, find that book, then get a link for you to sell the book as an affiliate.

You could write a blog post about the book, share the book on Pinterest, Facebook, or tweet it to your followers. You can use the images from Amazon to promote the book wherever you like; all you have to do is have people click on your link, and you will make a percentage of the sales.

Here’s the kicker… Amazon only pays up to 10% in commissions.

If you sell a $20 book, the maximum you could make is $2 in commissions. So to make $1000 per month using this strategy, you would have to make 500 sales each and every month… And that’s a very hard thing to do!

However, I found that many online courses will pay a much higher percent for selling on their behalf… Some up to 60%.

…And this is how I got my break! – Copy this strategy. 

I have purchased many online training programs. Most recently through a company called Tecademics.

I heard about their Internet Marketing training and live events, etc and decided to join their Entrepreneur Club which costs me $100/month.

As I dug into their video trainings and listened in to their live weekly calls, I found the content to be some of the best I’d ever come across!

I was about to tell a friend about it but then I had a thought about their affiliate programme…. They pay out very high commissions (some 50%) from products sold as an Ambassador.

Note: Many terms can be used to describe an affiliate programme within a company: Ambassador, Associate, Partner, Affiliate, Refer a friend… So keep an eye out, it basically means the same thing in marketing terms.

So anyway, I wrote a post about Tecademics here:




and I shared the free content inside Tecademics, as I thought It was well worth signing up for…

Then if anyone decided to purchase any of their products or join their Entrepreneur Club like I have, then I will also earn a commission.

The result?… $4,800 overnight.

Turns out I was not the only one who enjoyed their content…

They have products ranging up to $10,000 (which I have also purchased) to attend their Tec Week events, and learn from some great marketers live at multiple events throughout the year or online via live stream or recording.

I also earn commissions on any of these products I refer people too.

Note: You can too if you join as an Ambassador and refer their products. 

The strategy of affiliate marketing could likely be the biggest win/ win you will find for you and your audience. Word of mouth is one of (if not the BEST) form of marketing out there.

Think about it, have you ever purchased something your friend recommended?

Or you head out with your friend and see them with a nice new phone and cant help but want one of your own? I know I’m guilty of it… In fact, I am about to go out and buy myself a drone after seeing the quality footage come from my friend’s one lol.

You (as a person who wants to use the internet to make a living) can use this strategy in many different ways…

Next time you make a purchase online, look and see if the company has an affiliate programme for what you just bought. Most are free to join and you will be surprised at the amount of commissions people will pay for you to promote their stuff!

Here are a few guidelines I want to suggest to help you share affiliate offers the right way.

In 2017 I will be promoting Tecademics to many business owners and entrepreneurs. I can’t predict the future, but I know there’s a good chance that I will do well over $100k this year in commissions promoting their courses.


Because I know their content is good. I have been through hours of footage and have learned a lot! I have already got more value back than what I paid for the course in the first place.

So when a company or small business asks if I have any marketing material that will help them grow their business online, I will suggest they register for Tec Week HERE.

It’s a $10,000 expense, but for a business owner it’s well worth it! – That’s why I bought it.

I am confident the information will teach any business owner (or their employees) the marketing strategies needed to skyrocket their business using the internet. I know this because I have been through their course and reviewed the live event footage from the previous event (and will attend the next). The content is good and not taught in this way anywhere else.

Side note: If you want to attend Tec Week with me, purchase here, send me a message and we can rent out an epic place for the week while learning a bunch of marketing techniques that will help our businesses! 

If I have a single entrepreneur with a business idea reach out wanting my help to scale their business but I don’t have the time to help them individually, I will suggest they subscribe to the Entrepreneur Club for $100 per month.

And if they’re really serious I will then suggest they purchase the Impact Series for $2000 one off.

I’m happy to recommend all this because I have applied many strategies taught in the Impact Series, like the Three 0 Club and Facebook Advertising Tutorials to my own business with great success.

In doing so, I will earn around 50% in commissions from all sales referred by me. It’s almost like being a rep for the company, even though I don’t work for them.

Then when I reach $100,000 in commissions they will match it with another $100k! – So the income from referring these courses can be very very good. 

With that being said, here’s a little warning: When you recommend something to someone, you are the instigator of that transaction.

You have led someone into parting with their cold hard cash for something you recommend, and you will make money from doing so… So you must think carefully about your reputation and the products being sold.

Ask yourself first: Will this help the person who is making the purchase, provided they follow through with what is taught? And do you truly believe the products you recommend are the highest in quality that you have seen?

Because it can be easy in the beginning to recommend something to a friend or a fan of your blog. But if you lead them to a product with no substance or quality your reputation in their eyes will drop significantly.

Over time your brand will become worthless.

However if the opposite occurs, you will have raving fans come back thanking you for your recommendation, happier than ever! And you made money doing so. WIN/WIN!

For me personally, my backing of the Tecademics training this year has come as a result of their training, not the commissions behind it. If they change and I don’t see value in their content anymore, I will stop promoting them instantly.

If you lead with the intention to truly help people, you can make lot of money marketing as an affiliate.

If you lead with the intention to make a lot of money without thinking about the people, you will lose your reputation and all money and opportunities that come with it.

I really hope this article helps you!

Oh and lastly… Yes, you can become an Ambassador of Tecademics yourself. However, I would not suggest selling their products unless you own or have been through them yourself.

The tutorials will help you in selling their products as well as promote your business… So either way, you do the work, you win.

And remember… Reputation is Key!