How to add Google Advertising (Adsense) onto your site.


I know quite a few people who are earning over $1000 each and every month (and often a lot more) by having  Google’s Advertisements on their site.

It’s fairly easy to set up and all you need to focus on is driving traffic (viewers) to your website. Google will do the rest.

Note: I do not have google Adsense on my site. Now that I have the Behind Closed Doors membership on my site, I have created my own banners to direct people there. If you do not have products relating to your niche, I would suggest using Google AdSense.

Here’s how you set up Google Adsense on your website: 


Create A Google Adsense Account

Head to and create an account.

Connect Your Website

To connect your site, you will need to copy and paste a script into your site within the <head> tags.

*If you don’t know hoe to do this, check the tutorials inside Bluehost to learn about tracking and google Adsense. 

Then they will review your site, and email you once you are approved.

Create Advertisement Space

Once your account is approved, you need to create a space on your site for the ad to show.

To do this click ‘My Ads’ then ‘Ad Units’

Then ‘New Ad Unit’.

Name it, choose what size you want. Then it will pop up with a code that will look something like this:

Copy that code, then paste it onto your site, in the middle of posts, or wherever you want ads to be displayed.

Here’s what it will look like:


This is a preview of what your ad should look like. You can choose different sizes etc. But google will choose which ads will be displayed on your pages.

Note: I did not choose the picture you are seeing in this ad. It is showing based on your recent internet searches.

The key with Google Adsense is traffic. You want to get as many eyeballs to your site as possible for this to be hugely profitable.

However, it is more than possible to make a living through Google Adsense alone.