Sourcing Affiliate Products to Sell

This is probably the most important aspect of online business and internet marketing - so pay attention to this step. 

Hopefully you have gotten your website up and running, figured out your brand, understand your customer base, and solidified your niche. If not, make sure to go back and work on that before you start learning about Affiliate Marketing. You need to have a solid foundation before this next step.

Now, if you have a niche blog set up and you have started to build an audience and they engage in the content you create - you have incredible leverage. 

This is the point where you can shift into being a middle man in a sense and share different services or products that you use on a daily basis and get paid for it. 

How does this work?

You do this by becoming a partner with those companies and sharing their affiliate links that link back to their products. There are a lot of companies out there that will pay a very good, high percentage in commissions for referring someone to their business. 

Now, next question - How do you know if a company offers an affiliate program? Good question - not all of them do. Simply head over to the companies website that you are interested in and scroll to the bottom of their website. 

Try this with

Once you’re at the bottom of their website, look for the hyperlink that says “Become An Affiliate”. Click that link and it will take you through a process of questions to get set up and have your own affiliate account set up & they will generate links automatically for you. 

So lets say you just read Tony Robbins newest book about Money and Personal Finance — you can get the custom code from Amazon and then email that link to your email list or post it on your social media accounts, etc. Then when someone purchases the book you get a cut! 

Here is a related post I suggest you read that goes into this in much more detail about affiliate programs and how to set them up:


To advertise to different companies there are multiple ways you can do this:

1. Create banners on the sides of your site by linking to their products / services 

2. Write posts or articles (about whatever your content / niche is) and mention the products/services in the post. Just link it in the text. 

3. Do product reviews. But ONLY if you truly strongly agree with the product. 


If you have a stable, good following there will be a ton of companies that they could benefit from… However, Mae sure you are sharing only what you personally believe in here. Don’t just share things to make money. This is a sure way to dig yourself into a hole and ruin your reputation. I have a personal rule that I will not share anything unless I am using it myself. You are putting your reputation and brand on the line but recommending another product or service. So be careful where you lead people. Think twice, be smart and just stay in integrity with who you really are. 

If you are at a loss on where to go to find affiliate products - try these resources:



Make sure to use the products before you advertise them or solicit them to someone else - aka to your followers / community. 

I hope this has helped you - just using this strategy alone you can have a very successful online business.