Beginning with your brand is like laying the foundation to your home. The brand you give yourself or your blog is not just a name, it’s what you stand for.

Having a recognizable brand is hugely valuable to your business. There are a few steps we will dig into to discover your personal brand and make sure it’s a good one!

Start with the end in mind.

If you are brand new to the online world and you are just trying to figure things out start with this exercise:

Imagine your perfect mid-week day. What would you do Monday – Friday if you could do anything you want?

You might go surfing each morning, or train horses and horse riders, you might love hiking, or pets, or knitting and want that to be a big part of your life.

Really think about what your life would look like if you could spend your days doing what you love. What would you be working on? …You need to make a living ...right?

How would you earn an income?

This is important to understand because if you are creating a personal blog. You want your brand to encompass the lifestyle you intend to live as a result of blogging.

For example, if you plan to own your own home in Hawaii with 2 JetSkis, multiple surfboards, furniture, 3 cars etc.. Then having a brand that encompasses minimalism won’t help you achieve that goal.

Same goes with backpacking. If you want to fly first class and stay in the most luxurious places around the world, then starting a budget travel blog won’t help that goal as much as a luxury travel blog would.

Making sense? …Cool!

So as you think of your brand name, get as specific as you possibly can. Make it short and sweet and be creative.

Here are some ideas:

Your Name – If you love being the face you can simply use your name! It’s easy, it’s unique (hopefully), and people will get to know who you are.

Your name + 1 – 3 words – You might know a few of these…  Adventurous Kate, Nomadic Matt, Wandering Earl.

The Desired Outcome – This can be a really great way to live out those dreams of yours… World Of Wanderlust, Intrepid-Introvert, Solo Travel Society. This is usually the best option for many.

Domain Name

Here’s the kicker. You have to find the domain name to match your brand.

A domain name is something that ends in a .com .co .info …you get what I mean.

These are limited. If you try to get the domain name, you can’t as Facebook owns it. So you want to find a domain name to match your brand.

Here’s what you can do, and this is a good way to help think of a brand name if you haven’t already.

Head over to your GoDaddy account, hover over ‘hosting’ and click ‘domains’. In here write your brand idea before the .com to see if it’s available. If it’s not, they will give you similar suggestions.

Logo & Design

I started out doing design work - but now I outsource it.
I get others to do any design work for me.

I often use a company called 99 Designs to create logos. 


It’s really cool how 99 Designs works. What you do is explain the design you want. Choose from many logos that are similar to what you are after in your logo. Then submit your job for competition.

Then you will have a bunch of designers from around the world working to create a design you will like. After a couple of days, you will have many different logos to choose from!

I personally keep the design to the professionals. To me, it’s worth paying for things to look good.

Core Customers

Now that you have your brand, logo, and design, there is a little exercise I think you should run through to find your copy customers.

Each post or article I write encompasses one of my 3 core customers. This is how I create such a specific following.