Beginners guide to Email Marketing


I have heard people say Email Marketing does not work anymore. It’s old and no-one buys things through email these days.

This could not be further from the truth!

In fact, Email marketing remains the #1 marketing strategy for many top marketers. It gives individuals like you and me the leverage to message thousands of people and build deeper relationships with our followers.

If someone provides you with their email address, it tells you they trust in what you have to say and are open to hearing your opinion.

This is hugely valuable, whatever business you are in.



I want to break down email marketing as straight forward and as simple as possible so you can apply it to your blog, website, or business right away.

Note: In marketing terms, when someone gives you their email address they are called a “Lead”

They could be giving you their name, phone number, or physical address. But they are are still called a lead.

There are many ways you can have someone become a lead.. You can create what we call a “Lead Magnet” as an offer in exchange for an email. This might be a free download, a book, or PDF which they will receive when they sign up.

Or you can simply place a form on your website so they can subscribe if they choose. (which we will use in this example.)

Note: We will dig deeper into crating lead magnets another time, for now lets focus on the email and subscribers.

Once someone becomes a lead (they enter their name and email into a form you have created on your site), their details are stored into an email marketing programme in the form of a “List” which can be emailed at any time.

Note: In marketing terms, when someone refers to a “list”, they are talking about a list of email addresses or subscribers.

Your list can be one of the most valuable assets inside your business.

With your list of subscribers you can email them at any given time by writing an email and sending it to the entire list at once.

It get’s better though. You can place new subscribers on an Autoresponder sequence so they receive multiple pre-written messages from you starting from the day they subscribe.

…So you can be sending thousands of emails without lifting a finger 😉

Here’s how we do this:

In order to build a form, store your list, and email that list on autopilot. You are going to need an Email Marketing platform.

There are many out there, feel free to look around and try whatever suits you.

I personally use and recommend Mailchimp. It’s free if you have less than 2,000 email subscribers - so its supper cheap when you are just starting out and does more than everything you need.