I want to share a tool I use to massively decrease the effort it takes to manage multiple social media profiles. This has saved me hours of time and effort.

It’s a program called Meet Edgar.

Edgar is an octopus who places your posts all over the internet with his tentacles. …Well that’s the theory behind it anyway...

But this tool is great!

What you do is connect your social media accounts. – Facebook Profiles, Pages, & Groups, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

You then create multiple posts that you would like to be posted on those profiles. Then you create a schedule to let Edgar know when to deliver those posts.


It saves me hours!

I personally have scheduled out a YouTube video of mine to be posted on my World Nate page each week for 6 months. Then once it has been through them all it will start over and run through them again!

Alongside that, I have done the same with blog posts.

This gives the impression I am always active on my social media accounts while I am traveling or away from my computer for a week or more.


Here’s how you set this up:

Go to meetedgar.com and request an invite to join.

*you can’t just go and create a profile and log in, you have to request and invitation then they will approve you in a couple of days.

Once you gain access, here’s what you need to do:

1. Create the categories you want.

Use the categories provided or create your own.


2. Click the ‘Add New Content’ button on the top right.

Choose the category you want the post to be placed.

3. Create your post.

4. Choose where you want it to be posted. This would be my personal Facebook page.

5. You can select specific times if you like.

Notice this is in the “Use Once” category so this post will only be posted once. I will explain how you can schedule when these posts will be delivered. You will likely want to leave this blank.

6. If you are posting a link to Facebook it will show you a preview of what will be shown in that link for you can customize as you wish.

…Then hit ‘Save To Library’.

Now you have a bunch of posts ready in your categories, head to ‘Schedules’ to set up the time you want those categories to be delivered.

You can choose the day, time, and where you want the post to run throughout the period of a week.

You’re all done! 

Head to ‘Queue’ and you will see your next 2 weeks of posts as they will be delivered.

Edgar works really well, though I do feel nothing will replace the content you deliver live as people love to be up to date… But this is a great supplement to that, and a great way to keep your blog posts alive!

Happy Posting