Facebook Ads That Work

Hey There,

I want to share with you a few simple yet effective Facebook ad strategies that work really well. They can dramatically increase the time it takes to build your audience and following within a niche.

I have been running Facebook ads for years. In fact, I have spent over $50,000/month on ads at certain times. Depending on which campaigns I have running.

Here are a few effective ads you can create to attract buyers through Facebook.

Viral Video Ad

First off I want to help you build your audience. A good way to do this is to have your existing audience to build your audience for you. They do this by sharing the content you put out.

For people to share your content you first need to upload videos that people will want to share.

Here are some suggestions when creating videos to build your audience:

  • Focus on one topic
  • Keep it under 3 minutes
  • Ask in the description to tag someone or share it with someone


Then you want to create a “Video Views” ad in ads manager to share this video with people who might be interested in watching it.

Head to https://www.facebook.com/ads and “click create an ad”.

Note: You may need to add a credit card before getting to this point. I have done this already so I can’t be 100% sure, or show you… But it’s very self-explanatory.

There are three parts to an ad: 

#1. The Campaign – It’s just like a folder on your computer, so you know what is what.

#2. As Set – Where you choose the audience you wish to target. So the countries where you want your ad to be seen, the age and gender of the people, etc.

#3. Ads – What your ads look like. In this example, we are using an ad that has already been posted. So this is simple 

When you click ‘Create An Ad’ you should see this page:

Because we are sharing a video, we posted, name the Campaign and click “Video Views.” Then click Continue.

You have created your campaign. Easy right!


Now you are in the “Ad Set” section, and you need to choose who you want your ad to be shown to.

Give it a title and begin selecting who you want to see your post.

You will see I chose people who live in the United States, Aged Between 20 and 40, who speak English…

Under “Detailed Targeting” I chose Ecuador as an interest. I have done this because my video is based in Ecuador so I figure if people are interested in Ecuador, they might be interested in my video!

I keep everything else as it is in this example, but you can go through ad change whatever you like in here to target the audience you are after.

Then I choose Budget & Schedule. In this example, I chose $10 over the period of 1 week.

Note: I wouldn’t suggest doing much more than this while you are still learning

Then Click ‘Continue’.

Now you are ready to create your ad.

Because we are using an existing post… Name your ad, then click ‘Use Existing Post’

Then chose the post you want and you will see an example of what your ad will look like.

Click ‘Place Order’ and you are done!

Facebook will take a little while to review your ad. There are guidelines you cannot break or Facebook will disapprove your ads.

Note: No foul Language in your ads!!

Read Facebook’s advertising guidelines here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

Once your ad is approved, you can see it delivering in your Ads Manager.


You’re all done!

Over the next week, Facebook will spend $10 and will show your video to as many people as possible with that $10. Check back in to see how your ad is getting on. Look at reports and place similar ads so see which ones people like more and which ones give you more fans.

The idea is to start a competition with yourself so you can get better and better.