What does it mean to live radiantly? To me, it means to be exude a powerful force of optimism, love and compassion from your being as frequently as possible. Living a radiant life is possible when you become aware of what holds you back from living in such an elevated state. 

In this course we will dive into parts of us that may be a bit uncomfortable. No longer denying any aspect of ourselves, we will shine light on the darker parts of our psyche. Together, we will transcend the negative conditioning and bring in a flood of resources to aid in your development of a positive and inspired mind. When you live in a state of constant awareness, the negative thoughts that pass through you will no longer create wounds. You will be able to let them go as quickly as they came. This does take practice, but it is possible. Remember, these courses are meant for you to integrate into your everyday life and not meant to be a bandaid, quick fix. 


Here's How It Works


Video 1
Personal Power Principles

Video 2
Limit Who You Are Influenced By

Video 3
Begin Your Day Everyday With A Conscious Practice