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With Gratitude,

Within these courses I will go into detail on how to meditate. The best, most simple breathing exercises that I do when I am under stress and anxiety. Each one of the twelve courses is specifically tailored to a unique subject. Each topic is a challenge that I have overcome and what I do to lift myself up, stay motivated, clear consistent and energized. I know that these courses will help you along your journey as they have helped me. Stay high on life my friends!

NOTE: Each month on the 21st, I will upload either a new meditation tutorial or a guided meditation - so mark your calendar! I will also send you an email reminder each month on the 21st :) 

This is where I take you inside my own systems and how I operate my business from all over the world. I learned a lot of these tips and secrets from mentors in my past and people online whom I have never met. I have learned how to stay consistent with it and that has been the key. If you truly want to succeed in whatever you are passionate about, keep exploring new dimensions of your interests and stay consistent! Its the key!

NOTE: Each month on the 7th, I will share with you a useful resource for being a digital nomad. So mark your calendar (again, I will make sure to email you to remind you.)