Three Reasons To Start An Online Business... TODAY

Hey there!

If you landed here on this page then you probably dream about making some kind of changes to your current lifestyle. You might wish for more time with family, friends, social activities, exploring new areas, or just want to be able to have more control over your life. Trust me I get it! Its always been hard for me to be an employee - I learned a lot from those days and I am very happy to be on my own, supporting myself and figured out this whole internet / online business thing out. 


First, I want to ask you why do you want to learn more about online business? 

Really sit with that question and dive into it. What is your why - what is your motif? This will fuel you on the days where you want to give up... and lets be real, we all have those days where we're just like "why am I even doing this??!" and if you aren't one of those people, please, teach me your ways and leave a comment below. 

Since I was in High School I dreamed of traveling the world, backpacking and just going with the wind... However, a lot of detours and life lessons happened first before I made the big leap to the other side of the planet. Two things, thank goodness for patience - all in divine timing and two, thank god I finally leaped! Its so rewarding now that Im in my dream, in my inner vision. 

Now its not all perfect, there are challenges to this lifestyle - for sure. But with any direction you choose in life, there will always be new challenges and events / people in your life and ultimately its up to you on how you choose to perceive the situations you are existing within.

Anyways, here are my three reasons to start living your dream, taking control of your life, and living a life you’ve never thought possible… like I once did. 


REASON NUMBER 1-  Its Time To Create The Reality You Desire

Having the freedom to be wherever you want to be whenever you want to be anywhere… is just an intoxicating thought to begin with. Think about it for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine that feeling where you could be anywhere right now - and its totally possible. Yes there will be logistics involved… but you have the ability to be anywhere you’ve dreamed of, nearly instantaneously. And once you’ve spent enough time on the beach in Bali you want to go visit home for a couple weeks and catch up with you mom dad, sister or brother - or anyone else in the family, grandma, grandpa, etc! Then once you’ve gotten fried out with family, head over to the rainforest and do some yoga…. that is if you like yoga. Your yoga could be surfing, sailing, snorkeling, hiking etc. 


REASON NUMBER 2-  When You Live Your Dream, You Inspire Others To Do The Same

This is such a motivating factor for what I do, knowing that each post I put out into the world is inspiring someone to go out and make their dreams a reality. Being an inspiration to others is a powerful way to give back - and we live in such an awesome era where we have the power of the internet and an online world. Of course there are pros and cons to this, like anything else - but if you are rooted in your knowing of who you are, why you are doing what you are doing andstay consistent, people will look to you and respect you - you will be the go to person when someone thinks about travel advice or meditation tips, or strength training, or whatever your passion is. 


REASON NUMBER 3-  Looking Back Without Regrets

Regrets are something that we can live with or live without - depending on your choices, decisions and perceptions. If you are making decisions that are courageous with some risk attached to it with radical faith in yourself that you can be, do or have anything you desire, you create a reality that cannot be regretted. Even if hiccups come about along the way, you know that they were temporary and were necessary for certain lessons and experiences. Wherever you are at in your life today, think about where you could be - if you just have enough courage to take that leap… Or if you were brave enough to trust yourself and believe in yourself. A lot about all this is very spiritual work - believing in oneself, trusting yourself, owning it, living it, being in integrity and then inspiring others in some way unique to you and your creativity. So look back without regrets my friends! :) Life is too short!


I look forward to your journey into self discovery and where it leads you. If you need support along the way, I am here for your personal evolution and expansion into who you are and who you desire becoming. For more information about Online Business Optimization, click here. 

And if you are more interested in transforming your life, click here