Stay Balanced - Meditation Resources

Ready to put all those self help books into action? If you are truly ready to COMMIT to diving deeper into your personal growth and development, then try one of my online courses! I have courses on spirituality, meditation, dieting/food, relationships and business. Whether you are new to the  spiritual community or you have been practicing self awareness for years, you can join in at any level. These courses are created from workshops, events, and from my sanctuary at home where I surround myself in crystals and inspiration to create a course specifically designed to aid you along your path. 


Meditation Made Easy

In this uplifting, reenergizing and empowering  course, you will learn techniques that turn anxiety into excitement and confusion into clarity. These basic meditations will bring forth a newfound state of awareness. You will begin to feel lighter, more peaceful and at ease with the world and its chaos around you. 

Manifestation 101

I have learned some powerful meditation sets that have changed my life. From being homeless, living out of my Honda Civic, to creating and branding myself with the intention to help others find peace and serenity - I've come a long way. Its all about how you can control your thoughts. Every thought is a manifestation.

Be Yourself

Everyone of us has experienced what its like to not truly love who we are, for some reason or another. Its a common thread between us humans... But we can recondition our thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and lifestyle into one that can allow our true self to shine through with confidence and radiance. 

Get Your Zen On!

Do you have a place to call your own, where you can rejuvenate, heal, rest, relax and just take a break from it all? If not, this course will go through the essentials to keep up the pace. From learning how to manage your day to day, to increasing efficiency to balancing out a complex schedule, this will break it down so what you are facing isn't daunting. 

The Natural High

Alcohol and drugs were a big part of my story. I had my fair share of fun... But it did some damage. A lot of damage. Some of us take it too far to escape reality... and that was my case. Fortunately, I have been sober since Sept. 2014 and I love it! The breathing techniques and yoga Kriya's have been the best, most enjoyable high I have ever experienced. This one's my favorite! I love being high on life!

Living Radiantly

This course is all about how to live with a bright inner light shining through. We all have dark and light in us, but we can keep them in harmony. When they are in balance with each other, you begin to glow. When I fully committed to my daily spiritual practice, it seemed like everyone said I was glowing! 

Say Astalavista To Anxiety!

My entire life I have dealt with chronic anxiety issues. Even just going to the grocery store took a lot of effort and courage for me. It wasn't until I built up a strong nervous system that I was able to walk around in the world confidently and at ease. It took a lot of time, but it doesn't have to be that way for you. In this course, I share my top 3 tips, meditations, and exercises to combat an anxiety attack. I am beyond grateful for these methods because without them I would be a kook!

Become A Channeler

This is such a fun course! If you are interested in how to become a channeler, this is the basics of learning how to channel. I will share my experiences with how I got started and how I access that place within just a few breaths today. Becoming a channeler comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication to a spiritual practice. The meditations and exercises within this program are very ancient and sacred and must be done exactly as prescribed in order for them to work. Do not manipulate or alter     these teachings.

Spiritual Rebirth

When I went through Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training it was my spiritual transformation. My life had fallen apart and I was barely getting by, trying to make my amends from my past, but felt totally lost and very judgmental towards myself. I knew I had to give myself to a spiritual program so I could better learn about my inner programming and conditioning. It was the best decision I have ever made. This course is a distillation of core exercises I learned that transformed my life.

Ah, relationships. We all have a story here. There is so much we gain and learn in relationships, it almost becomes too many to count. A fulfilling relationship can only happen if you have taken responsibility to dive deep within your own spirit and learned about your shadow self. You must become aware of your own darkness first. Once you have this awareness you can see what is a reflection of you or a projection from within you externally being played out. This course will dive deep into the inner workings of an intimate relationship and how it can be a successful one!

Just because your are spiritual does NOT mean you cannot have material prosperity. If you are experiencing a lack of abundance, it is a deep rooted conditioning that needs close attention. In this course we will look at your belief system and how we can reprogram it to serve you better. There is also a very sacred, ancient and extremely powerful meditation to release this belief system. The meditation calls for a 40 commitment, but I had to stop after about 20 days because it was manifesting too much prosperity and I was unable to keep up with it! In this course, we will dive DEEP into releasing this lack of prosperity mindset so you can flourish!

Once you clean out your gut, the glands, adrenals, kidneys, liver, etc, you will be amazed as to how light and upbeat you become. I always had body issues - basically body dysmorphia - and it was very painful, emotionally, mentally and physically... But when I became vegan all my emotional issues around my body vanished. And this was a HUGE BLOCK for me..  In this course I will help you stay accountable to your commitment and help you to remember why you wanted to go on this journey in the first place. Remember, Food is FUEL!