Make Your Life A Retreat

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Welcome! We are so excited and grateful to share this with you. A 7 Day Retreat in paradise will revive your soul...

Imagine waking up at a beautiful bungalow getaway nestled in the cliff tops of the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand in a tropical seaside bungalow with the sun rising above the water.

You sip on an fresh coconut after a energizing and uplifting yoga practice to the soothing sounds of the ocean, overlooking the clear turquoise waters and the sound of tropical birds as you deeply sink in and completely surrender to your new lifestyle. 

As you dive into the ocean you can’t help smiling about the delightful morning you had moving your body, having fresh sweet Thai coconuts and connecting with amazing like-minded souls. 

Perhaps you’ve been…  

Feeling that you NEED a deep change in your life?
This is why we designed this retreat! To make deep lasting changes in our lives we must address both our mind and body. Here you will be empowered and inspired to regain a positive relationship with body and your mindset to make lasting meaningful changes in your life and those around you! 

Having trouble balancing anxiety, stress, and fear? 
We hear you! Through powerful group facialiataion you will get a clear understanding of the negative beliefs that are holding you back from being the most confident, anxiety free, fearless and courageous version of yourself.   

Having trouble sticking with a spiritual practice?
We will guide you into some basic practices that can be applied at any time of day & inspire you to reclaim a practice that is possible to stay consistent in the fast pace, busy world. 

Can’t seem to be able to bring your body to a fit, healthy condition? 
With our daily yoga sessions and healthy plant based meals you will quickly feel lighter & more energetic. There will be a opportunity for you to sign up for a 3 day juice cleanse during the retreat as well. 

Ready to reboot and revive? 
Every day during the retreat, you’ll have access to booking with Joy for her conscious intuitive bodywork, Thai massages, reflexology, gentle yoga, relaxing beach time, and simple but powerful techniques for quickly replacing those layers of stress, fatigue and overwhelm with lifetime habits of relaxation and self-care. You'll also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Brandon as well for a deep, powerful and transformative healing session. These one-on-one sessions combine discussion, yoga, breath, crystal healing, reiki, and other various types of healing unique to your needs. 

What to expect: 

You'll start your day with an early morning, powerful Kundalini practice, followed by the days intention. Daily mix of workshop based exercises that have wonderful reprogramming effects for the mind. We will end the day with grounding Yin Yoga that allows the body to come to a state of integration. 

You'll love this practice - all levels are welcome! 

Group Gatherings 

Enjoy learning through group connectivity and mindful techniques that’ll empower you to become the best and healthiest version of yourself. 

From self love to reconnecting with your divinity within you. 

From Manifestation techniques to how to manage your emotions & stress, we will dive head first into mindset and how to create the life you truly desire. Connect and receive support from the group leaders who are ready to see you blossom. 

This 7 day day yoga and wellness retreat it will include: 

  • Reclaim your connection to mind, body and spirit

  • Dive into the old beliefs and create empowering ones 
  • Receive support through one on one coaching and group gatherings 
  • Receive healing treatments to help integrate along this transformative journey 
  • Learn tools and ways to build a new way of making life more sacred and harmonious 
  • Learn how to practice ancient kundalini yoga that has profound change on the nervous system and allow yourself to get closer to your souls spirit 
  • Remove habits of stress and commit to finding ways to change your pace of life to truly live in grace with all relations 
  • Receive deep healing through many group exercises that will create lasting change 

Come to connect with two devoted spiritual leaders in a remote untouched part of the world where we will block out the noise and come home to our truth!

This retreat will include during the 7 days :

  • Daily morning Kundalini Yoga
  • Daily Evening Yin Yoga
  • Daily group transformational gatherings
  • Transformational coaching  
  • Deep healing sessions 

By The End The Retreat You Will: 

Have a new perspective as well as new tools for yourself, and you might even want to share with your friends and family! You'll be able to understand both the mystical and logical sides of spirituality and apply it pragmatically. Rediscover unconditional love and the most powerful truth that lies within your heart. 

If you are 100% committed, please fill out the form below. 

Once we receive the completed form we will confirm with you and send you a link for payment. 

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