Anxiety has been something I have dealt with my entire life. If you follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, or even get my weekly newsletter in your inbox, you have heard me share about this before. At one point I called it "Chronic Anxiety Syndrome" because I have this constant adrenaline pumping through me, making me reactive and jittery. 

It wasn't until I developed a daily consciousness practice that this began to fade away. Even still, when a wave of anxiety hits me, I have a ton of resources and references to help me get through it and overcome it, instead of just dealing with it. Thats the beautiful thing about awareness, you no longer have to deal with things you dislike - you begin to find ways to shift the energy that is uncomfortable. 

And that is exactly what this three week course will do, we will work on shifting energy with breath, movement, and other exercises that worked for me. I can only share what I have experienced and if you feel crippled or paralyzed in fear or experience random moments of intense anxiety - this course is for you.

Video 1
Locating Where The Anxiety Is Rooted

Becoming aware of the anxiety is the first step, then having a desire to change follows.  Discovering where the anxiety is rooted in your subconscious is the next step that most people lack uncovering. It is layered deep down somewhere, but there are ways of finding it and in week one we will aim to expose where the fear based anxiety is rooted.

Video 2
Breathe Through The Anxiety

I know, I know what you're thinking... "It always comes down to the breath." I may sound like a broken record, but in my experience, which is the only truth I can speak from, I have found that various breathing techniques have different effects. This week I will share with you exercises that will calm down the sympathetic nervous system and bring a flood of energy into the heart center. As this occurs, the hearts magnetic field expands and when the heart opens, fear and anxiety drop. 

Video 3
Develop Courage & Embrace The Unknown

Anxiety and fear are usually rooted somewhere in the realm of the unknown abyss. The unnknown of death, of job security, of financial security, of relationships, etc... There is so much to fear out there... or so we're taught! IN week three we will build off the momentum of the previous week and dive deeper into ways in which we can find comfortability in uncomfortable situations.