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If you are in business for yourself or you desire to be working for yourself, let me teach you what not to do... I failed so many times and would give up, only to have this longing in my heart to pick it back up again. I have been in debt, bankrupt and ruined my credit. One thing I have learned is this: Karma. I used to be very arrogant and lacked humility - core things to have if you want to be in business. If you look at what businesses are about, you'll notice that it's about service. You are offering some kind of service to help another in some way, shape or form. 

In this course, we will first go into depth about what you wish to create or share with the world. What is it that you dream of or want to manifest? The we will go into the practicality of your vision and how to execute it. Finally we will explore the importance of responsibility, expanding your capacity to handle a lot of tasks and committing to the vision. It's equally important to become aware of your weaknesses and what you resist that your business may have interwoven in it. For example, lets say you are a creative like me and you don't operate with numbers very well... We'll you'll have to find creative ways to learn how to budget or account accordingly. 

I have found that applying spiritual principles like discipline and commitment to the facets of life that I don't particularly has helped me immensely. It also helped me mature in enormous ways. 

Week 1
Integrity 101

It all starts here. These video lessons will be focused on integrity, from how to develop it to how to maintain it it times of temptation. The Universe is clever - it likes to surprise us and turn us on our heads. It will present things that tempt you into doing things. If you are in integrity with your morals and values as a person and also for your company, success will manifest. It's all about passing through the hoops and challenges. If you can get through the obstacles, then you can glide through life with your head held high. 

Week 2
Prepare To Take On Tasks You Dislike

As aforementioned, you will have to learn to do the grunt work that you resist. But this is important because you cannot delegate something to someone if you don't understand how your own systems work. 

Week 3
Surround Yourself With People
Who Have Morals & Values Aligned With Yours

This is so important! This week we will dive into who is a positive influence in your life and who is not. If you surround yourself with people with morals and values like yours you will encounter less temptation because you are surrounded by mentally healthy human beings.