This world needs a spiritual rebirth and it starts with one step at a time, one person at a time. If you are one of those individuals who desires a better, more loving and compassionate world then this course is designed for you. 

This course is focused on exposing your shadow self and bringing it into the light of awareness. Once this happens, you will go through periods of ups and downs. This is life. But this is also a necessary part to fully experience. You will become aware of the things that trigger you on a constant basis. By the end of the four week course you will have tools with you to maintain an equilibrium of balance; being aware of what triggers you and how to direct that negative energy into things like ambition, drive and inspiration. 

Everything is energy, we just have to direct it sometimes...

Note: This is an advanced course that requires commitment for the full benefits to take effect in your being. It is recommended to take the "Living Radiantly" Course prior to this one. 

Video 1
Detox Mentally, Emotionally & Physically

From the very beginning we will go over the importance of our mental self, emotional self and the physical self. These are the three main aspects within us that need constant balancing so that we may feel balanced. Through mental concentration exercises, emotional releasing, and incorporating physical movements into your routine, you have the opportunity to elevate your consciousness. When your body, mind and emotions become stable, life smoothens out a bit. 

Video 2
Importance of Your Diet & Daily Rituals

Week two will be focused on education about diet - not from just a western perspective but from an Eastern perspective as well. Incorporating Yogic diets, Ayurvedic facts and combining that with your routine will be a key factor in your success with managing stress levels. 

Video 3
Your First 40 Day Commitment To Yourself
Clearing & Cleansing The Chakra's

This is going to be your first (that I am aware of) 40 day commitment to yourself to practice a specific meditation/kriya set that I am offering to you. This exercise set will work on clearing each main chakra point in the body. It is extremely cleansing and detoxifying.