Living in a world filled with toxins, we are constantly breathing in or ingesting something with chemicals or other unhealthy substances. I spent years experimenting with drugs and alcohol. From the age of 14 to 24 I searched and searched for a high that would keep up. They all fall short and leave you emptier than before. 

I would like to share a personal story with you:
I never considered myself an addict, although I have gone through the spiritual 12 step programs and while in those rooms, I learned so many valuable things. When we become vulnerable, our hearts open. It's just a natural reaction. Our empathy, sympathy and compassion seem to pour out of us when we hear someone share their story. Also, in those rooms I was having a personal spiritual awakening experience. I knew I did not fit in there, but was there for a reason. I began to realize that I am beyond all labels and cannot and will not be categorized. This includes addict. The moment you say to yourself you are an addict you etch a deep psychic bullet into your subconscious, making you believe you are unfixable. I realized in those rooms that my label is one of three things, "I am, I am." "I am spirit." or "I am free." ...because those are the only labels I wish to identify with. because in identifying with them, I am still  boundless and unattached from the constraints and limitations of the physical dimension. 

In this course, I will share more of my story as well as provoke you to find a label for yourself that is boundless and limitless and then make that your mantra. 

Video 1
Benefits of Sobriety - Increased Awareness & Clarity

Video 2
Getting High In Natural Ways - like breathing!

Video 3
Meditations That Make You Trip - Psychedelic Meditations