Making the switch to being Vegan was one of the best things I have ever decided to do. When you fuel your body with fresh, alive foods, your neural receptors are constantly being cleansed and the result is increased clarity and heightened awareness. Food is fuel! 

I am so passionate about this course because I struggled with my body and with food for years. I would constant cheat my diet or have some excuse as to why I deserved something sugary. I was never obese, but I was extremely strict and hard on myself. For years I put self hate into my body and when I finally was sick and tired and fed up with the emotional and mental havoc, I made the change and never looked back. I thought it was going to be hard to switch over, but its actually been such an expansive experience to learn about new foods and how to cook in new ways. 

In this course I will share some of the best vegan recipes that I enjoy regularly. And for all you history nerds like me, we will go into the history of the Vedas (ancient, oldest texts on earth without an author, discovered in India) and explore their theories around food, wellness and how prevention is the prescription. 

Video 1
You Are What You Eat... Literally

Lets get really honest with ourselves and look at your diet, your eating habits and your snacking habits. If you truly want to change you have to become aware the things that you think bring you joy. Trust me, all those sugary meals I ate made me feel good in the moment but later I paid for it emotionally, beating myself up incessantly. If this is you, lets work on putting that self critic to rest and begin to develop new eating habits that empower us. 

Video 2
History & Facts About Food & Nutrition - Yogic Lifestyle

As mentioned above, we will dive into the history of food. Understand the historical importance of food will revolutionize the way in which you look at food forever. The Yogi's has something fine tuned for a healthy and happy lifestyle.... and speaking from experience, the yogic lifestyle is awesome. So expansive, so wise, so deep and constantly keeps you exploring new dimensions within the self. 

Video 3
Start Small - Don't Make Too Many Changes Too Quickly

If we challenge our previous conditioning too quickly it will revolt against us. What currently exists within you as a thought form wants to continue to exist. It doesn't want to die. By you bringing awareness to certain elements, like food habits and patters, there will also be a dualistic side within you that will resist it. We know this because we get trapped into our habits! In this week we will evaluate where we can leverage change without the ego having a tantrum.