24 Hours In Kuala Lumpur

I spent only one day in Malaysia, specifically Kuala Lumpur.... and I have to say that I wish I had more time here and that I will definitely come back and explore more. However, with the 24 hours that I did get to spend there, I am throughly happy and can say that it has been the highlight of my trip so far. I met an amazing soul who felt like a best friend from from lifetimes ago. We got to spend the day together exploring the Batu Caves and the downtown city of KL and had some amazing, supper meaningful, deep conversations. It's amazing how these relationships can show up for you to get a chance to see deeper into yourself. I'm realizing more and more about this whole were reflections of one another concept. The more my life gets refined with gratitude and appreciation for all that is.... the more the same type of people enter into my life and I get to see deeper into my own self. It's such a wonderful adventure and journey and I wish for everyone to get the opportunity to travel and have experiences like this that make your heart sing. 

If you are looking for a place to stay.. I highly recommend the:

SIM Capsule Hotel

It was like a Star Wars spaceship, space pod thing. It was so cool! Only $11/night and inside had a TV ( I never used it though) and the AC got supper cold, which was nice... It also had supper cool black lighting which you can see in the pic below. This hotel is close to everything, metro, bus stations, food, shopping, etc. 

Batu Caves

This was such an amazing place to visit. The temple has 272 steps that take you all the way up into the cave temple. They ask you at the beginning of the steps to carry a brick or a pale of sand up to the temple as they are remodeling it currently. It was nice feeling to know that by bringing up something to the top there that I helped out in some way. Also cool to think about that if I go back in some years time the temple that will be there will have a brick in it that I helped bring up there! :D So Cool! 

Dark Cave Adventure

After the temple area, I went over to the Dark Cave area where you can explore a cave that has hardly been touched by man. I had no idea this was right near by so I went to check it out. Turns out I showed up at the last tour of the day and they only had one spot left... sounds like it was meant to be huh? Then when I asked how much it was, it cost $35 Ringget which is like $7USD... It was the last $35 I had in my wallet - I would need to go to an ATM to get more cash... But I didnt know where an ATM was or a place with wifi, I also hadnt eaten much that day and was hungry...

Something just told me to go and trust that it'll all fall into place.... I listened and thank goodness I did! I went through the caves, which was one of the most amazing adventure I have ever been to. It was my first time in a cave! It was pitch black and tons of bats and...spiders.... but they were nice ones and minded themselves... 

Within the cave there are winds coming up from the opening on the other side of the cave, it is a truly incredible feeling to breathe in that fresh, cave air. 

After coming out of the cave, I felt light and refreshed, then the thought came to me... now what? I was going to head back down those 272 steps and search for a cafe, wifi, and an ATM.... 

But the universe had another plan. When I finally arrived to the bottom of the steps, I wanted to try to take one final photo of the huge golden statue... The someone came up to me who asked if I needed any help. I said yes! haha! I was trying to get a good picture with me in it & was having a hard time doing so. 

He got some awesome photos, which are below. Then he asked if I wanted to go to the top and hike up the stairs with him. He didn't know that I had just finished my adventure... and I was starving... food was the ONLY thing on my mind, lol. 

I told him I was gonna pass and that I needed to get money, food and figure out directions back to the hotel... But he offered to pay for my meal and then I agreed to go up those 272 stairs again. With food in my belly, I could do it again, without food.... seemed kind of torturous. 

We made it up to the top again, supplied the worker with another brick, roamed the cave once more and then afterwards we decided to keep moving and go to the next adventure, the...

Petronas Towers

Going from a temple in a cave and then quickly into the city is always quite a drastic change of vibe. From serenity to hussle bussle mode. The towers are beautiful. It's wonderful to be able to appreciate the natural beauties of Earth and then to marvel at the complexity of engineering that mankind has been able to do. Now.... time to make what man does more sustainable.... 

It was too late to go walk the skybridge but that was okay... me and my new friend from India sat at the gardens across the Towers and had the most insightful and deep conversation about life. We both shared tears and expressed our truth to one another, seeing and recognizing that we are just different expressions of the same thing. 

While walking the streets of KL we continued to chat about life and how wonderful this place (Earth) really is. He is only 19 and so enlightened and just one of those people that "gets it". 

It was refreshing. 

His next journey is to continue hitch hiking through Malaysia and my calling was bringing me to Thailand.... 

We parted ways, which was actually kind of difficult. I felt like this was my best friend even though we just met. He would have been the best traveling buddy, but my intuition knows this is a journey to go alone... at least for now.... 

Hope you enjoy the pics :) 

With a lot of love, appreciation and gratitude, I hope this inspires you to go out and live your dream - no matter what! :D 

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<3 Brandon