Since in the womb, Brandon has been a yogi. His mother was a practicing yogini while she was pregnant and around the age of four he was invited into his first yoga class. Growing up with a semi-regular, consistent meditation and yoga influence from his family, Brandon adopted a meditation practice into his life at a very early age. Any time there was stress, anxiety or depression, Brandon had that little voice in the back of his mimd that would simply say, “meditate.”


Even though Brandon was practicing yoga and meditation regularly, the commitment to becoming a yoga, meditation and spiritual teacher didn’t come until much later after many hardships and moments of intense and abrupt spiritual awakenings. When he turned 21, his life collapsed in ways that not even Hollywood producers could script. Ending up homeless on the streets for about a year, he had spiritual visions of other dimensions and direct communication with Source in profound, life changing ways.

In deep meditation on the beach one cold night, homeless and hopeless, Brandon asked the Universe what is my purpose? One word was heard. “Yoga.” In that moment, clarity arrived. Direction and purpose arrived in a flash of intuitive insight. It goes to show, all you have to do is ask, wait and listen deeply.

Now Brandon teaches his students that anything can be overcome, to develop a positive mind, and keep the heart open. Even through the hardest of challenges, we can elevate ourselves to the perceptive mode of the observer, the witness to our experiences and exist outside of duality and merge into neutrality. The ability to say, “thank you” in the midst of chaos takes trust, faith and a little effort to become aware of what and who you truly are. This is the essence of Brandon’s teachings.  

Many yoga and meditation teachers in the West today teach anatomy and technical aspects of yoga. This is important and needed, but Brandon has a way of brining in the practical spirituality into the teachings. Brandon is currently nomadic and on tour with Yoga Journal. He continues to travel the world teaching and sharing yoga at workshops, retreats, immersions and trainings.

Since completing his Kundalini Yoga teacher training, he has become a certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.




“Meditation is truly what saved my life. Without it, I was lost in a very confusing world. When I meditate it brings me into a place of knowing that everything will be okay, that I can make it through any challenge and I become reminded that there is so much joy around, if only I can just shift my perception to see it. In the beginning, it was difficult to incorporate meditation into my routine and now it has become a priority. It brings me into a space within myself that allows me to feel safe, grounded and calm, all the while increasing my ability to be focused and alert. Taking the time aside to check in and meditate actually expands time, efficiency and my focus. I'm truly grateful to have found meditation... or that it found me...”




“When one has learned something useful to themselves, it then becomes time to give it away. Just like Maya Angelou said, "When you get, give. When you learn, teach." I aim to live my life in this way. At first I thought meditation was just something that helped to ground and stabilize my very airy nature... But then it began to fill me up with so much joy and inspiration that I knew this was to be my path, to share meditation techniques that work and truly reprogram the neurosis of the mind that we have all experienced. Being a teacher also reminds me how humbled I have been along this path and what a privilege it is to be alive and inspire others to overcome their own challenges and experience victory over them. "There is a way through every block!"