Meditation For Letting Go

We all go through moments in life where we are asked to surrender and let go…

When letting go, we don’t necessarily have to let go of everything. Its an emotional letting go.

A letting go of the thoughts that distract us from the truth of any given situation.

Maybe you are really, strongly desiring that new job or new client and you have doubts clouding your vision… You need to let go of the doubt.

Maybe you are dating and your more jealous insecure side is showing up, blocking you from knowing the truth of the situation… Your mind has taken over and run wild with your insecurities… You have to let go of the negative thoughts that are ultimately trying to protect you, but at the same time could be self sabotaging yourself.

Or… maybe you have a dispute and disagreement with someone in your family about who knows what (lol - theres always something with family!)… Instead of letting yourself get angry and in a rage, you can practice a meditation, utilizing the powerful instrument of the breath to shift those undesirable, lower emotional defaults and elevate yourself to a higher plane of awareness.

Through this meditation, compassion births and the heart expands.

The breath uses a four part inhale (which I will explain more in the video) which is balances the brain to its natural rhythm of a four beat, rhythmic cycle.

Try this meditation out and give yourself the gift of letting go.