Why I Invite You To Seek Clarity


The journey through life has many twists and turns. How do we know whats the best decision to make? When do we know when to take action? What are the right passions to pursue? 


I find myself getting lost and caught up in these types of thoughts, pondering away into the wee hours of the night until I feel more confused than before. The purpose of our lives is very, very multifaceted. Our destiny requires sharp intuition and the courage to act accordingly. We may know this intellectually, but living these values and truth is another story all together. 


To be completely honest and transparent, one of my daily struggles I face is to remember my mission and my purpose. Distraction is strong within me, no matter how much I seem to tame the monkey in my mind. It almost seems that being an artist is just as much a curse as it is a blessing. I say this statement very much based in duality because artists are so inspired by creative passions, emotion, empathy, art, leaders, and influencers that when we are touched we aspire to touch others hearts and minds in similar ways. Whether it is through music, dance, poetry, magic, yoga, ballet, gymnastics, sports, film-making, photography, writing, or anything else that falls under the vast umbrella of creative expression. 


We have to remember we only have one lifetime. But in this lifetime we all have 24 hours every day to leverage to our dharma, to our destiny. Look at all the greats who are doing incredible things with their lives. Creating businesses like Amazon, Musicians inspiring through music, one album after another… Oprah building a network empire… etc… 


We have to focus. I like to take a grain of salt with every bit of science I hear, read, or am taught because there is no one size fits all in this world. That's why the saying, “Know Thy Self” is so profound and incredibly important to keep close to your heart. Try on various things and assess how you feel in the moment. Don’t blindly accept information you have not internally validated as a truth of your own. There is a difference between blind faith and wisdom. Wisdom seeks perception and perspective and maintains a neutral stance within all outcomes, remembering the connectivity to a limitless and vast creation. Blind faith is for those who have not yet built up the strength or courage to uncover who they truly are. When you live in this manner, your life will naturally be limited. Until you realize the box you exist within is to keep you safe and locked in outdated belief systems. 


Circling back to my initial point, it seems my personal dreams are as vast as the cosmos. One minute, I want to build a retreat center in Bali, with a video production facility highlighting cultures and documenting all things spiritual… the next I want to dive deeper into music and make electronic mantra music, shortly after that idea, I’m wondering what my life would be like as a successful, rich and famous actor. Then I humble myself and remember the times I was a janitor working for a small AirBnB business. Shortly after these thoughts, I say to myself how humbled I have become and deserve the fame and fortune that is possible in life, realizing that I desire recognition in a healthy way from a place of significance and service to all humankind and the cosmos at large. I know that whatever path I commit to, I fully commit and that intense passion in my heart sees it through, no matter what curve ball or plot twist the Universe tries to throw my way. I can dodge any dart.


Today, I realize the clarity that I seek as a dreamer is to maintain a hyper-focus on only one to three projects at a time before starting a new venture. For artists, whatever the art may be, we all crave that variety and unconventional freedom we feel in being able to be ourselves while also feeling abundantly supported by the unseen forces. 


When the focus and clarity do arrive however, and the abundance of creativity comes, we allow it to wash over our mind, fall into our heart, feel its resonance affecting those beyond ourselves as it drops down into our gut where the power of our will takes over and begins the organization of its physical manifestation. 


Knowing that we can do anything is one thing. Stepping outside of a dreamers mind and into action and following through is a completely different story all together. While always reminding ourselves, “How am I being in the doing?” Never forgetting that the inner world and inner vibration of being must maintain balanced, healthy, aware, and alert.


Ask yourself now, can you commit to one to three projects at the moment and see them through? 


Never give up the variety of the dreams, but instead, a gentle surrendering will be healthy. Surrendering our desires allows the Universe to meet us where we are feeling stuck or halted to a stop at times. Realizing that this is a helpful psychological relationship with reality, we are more easily able to swing back into that neutral mind in a healthy way. 


If we cannot bring ourselves back into that neutral mind as we allow the next phase to initiate, the process becomes slower and slower, nearly to the breaking point where we question our commitment of why we even set out to pursue a vision in the first place. Now is the time to check in again and localize our resistances and reprogram our beliefs. 


All hope is not lost however, as we let go, more comes. As more comes, we let go of the attachment to any or all of it. As we do this, more and more is able to freely show up and manifest. The Law Of Attraction is as real as the water you drink on a daily basis. The less resistance we have within us, the more clear we become, to the point where whatever we desire can show up nearly instantly, whether that be in the form of people, inspiration, money, new ideas, or whatever you yearn for to support you in seeing a reality come true for you. 



It all begins with your inner clarity. When the noise of your inner Youniverse starts to act up, sit down, meditate, practice whatever it is that helps to release the noise from the mind and bring the ocean within you back into calm waters. 


May you be blessed with a clear mind and a light heart. 


Begin your day in a way that uplifts and inspires you, in whatever way that means for you. 


Go on the journey of self discovery and Know Thy Self. 


Be willing to see perspectives beyond your own. 


Be endlessly creative, but pragmatic and down to earth. 


Express yourself uninhibitedly and be full of yourself (in the best kind of ways!)


Let your radiance inspire others and lift them up as well. 


Know that you can achieve whatever you desire as long as you have the ability to focus. 


Train yourself to have the focus it takes to be successful. 


Get clear by defining what successful means to you - its different for everyone. 


Check in with this truth you discover regularly and see how it morphs, evolves or changes. 


Be open to change but maintain the essence of your desire general and 


…just go for it!



All my love, all my appreciation, 

Be the best version of you. 


The world needs your art, creativity, passion and you are someone who matters. 


-Brandon Spratt

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