Give Up The Judgments

Along our path, each one of is influenced by many sources. In the world we live in today, we are bombarded by all kinds of media that is eager for our eyeballs and our unconscious attention. And we give it to them without question because we have become so conditioned to not even question it. Until now. Now, were in a place where consciousness is gaining momentum and we are beginning to broaden our perceptions of what reality is and thinking deeper about our morals, values and how we treat one another. 

That being said, its important to remember, as we evolve so does our ego self. It likes to morph and change with you. It is sly and deceptive, filled with trickery. I decided to stop watching TV all together and mainstream music, just as an experiment to see where my fear was coming from and other negative associations. For me, I realized that a lot of my negative conditioning was coming from media sources that I was completely unconscious to. But as I stopped being influenced within media, I started becoming influenced by another source, by those around me. The old saying, you are who you hang with, couldn't be more true. I was in fact around some great people but what I began to realize was that I was becoming very committed to my spiritual practice and my discipline was gaining momentum. What I realized was that those who were influencing me in my close proximity we beginning to affect my consciousness and my enthusiasm for life. Around certain people I would feel like I was thriving and around other people, I felt completely depleted and exhausted. 

Now, we have to draw a fine line here because my mind instantly went into judgement about the other person. Theres just something about the human condition that judges when something is not the way in which you perceive it in your own being. It takes practice to say, “Universe, God, please take away my judgements from this person, this place, this situation, and these things, and let it be your will for me. I am where I am supposed to be, and I accept that. I also would like to continue my growth into a new frame of conversation, consciousness, people and situations. My desires are valid, but your will for me is what I know is best. Teach me how I may be of service to the things in which I judge, so I may learn and let go. It is only in this place of understanding and acceptance where I truly transcend and am able to advance to the next phase of my spiritual growth and connection with all. I thank you for the lessons and I am grateful for patience. Thank you, Universe, God.”

It is with this intention that you can truly give up judgment peacefully and also recognize the ability within yourself to only be influenced by the power of God and The Universe and not those around you. It is very important to be conscious of the hits you pick up from others, as these thought forms will shape you into who you become. Be very cautions and attentive of what you pick up from others. If it is not your baggage, do not cary it for long. If you do, release it peacefully and have The Universe work though you to remove those untrue characteristics from your being. 

Releasing these hidden, more subtle and sneaky parts of ourselves is something I help my clients overcome. If you are looking to take your spiritual practice to the next level, consider a free consultation with me as your life coach. I am spiritually focused and provide practical tools to give you a foundation for your dreams to come true. Click here to schedule your session.