Daily Devotion


Many thoughts arise with the word “devotion”.

What does devotion mean to you?

What / who are you devoted to?

Where are you devoting your energy towards?

Are you alining your energy towards the things that sync up with your values and goals?

Many of us spend our time on things that hold our attention and stimulate our primary senses.

The wise are those who let go of the attachment to the primary senses and go inward into the subtle realm of the spirt. Living a spiritually conscious lifestyle requires something called Bhakti - otherwise known as devotion.

Its important first to understand that devotion is not a religious act, although it definitely can be. Devotion is about honoring that intuitive GPS within your mind and heart that navigates you from moment to moment, experience to experience. It is a practice that, if cultivated daily, has the power to completely transform your life and heal many psychological issues.

Before I even knew what Bhakti was, I was beginning my journey into Kundalini Yoga classes where we would do crazy looking kriyas and chant strange mantras…

In a very short amount of time, something was shifting within me and I began to release emotionally… All kinds of things, old resentments, subconscious fears, childhood conditioning and more... An intuitive voice kept telling me to show up to the classes and absorb the spiritual teachings.

I listened to that voice guiding me and kept showing up. It was in this phase of life that I realized that showing up is half the battle. If you can put your own stuff aside and show up, life has a wonderful way of rewarding those who keep up and show up for themselves and others.

In this time of being extremely committed to showing up over and over again, the depth of the devotion kept strengthening.

I still had no idea what devotion truly was or is.

In reflection, this was the most graceful time of my life … being guided into a holy, sacred space with other seekers wishing for all kinds of answers and understandings to unfold and experience the divinity within. Something many of us might have read about or heard others preach about. Now, we were a group seeking it for ourselves.

Then finally, once many tears of pain were cleared away, a day arrived when, before the sun had risen, I was in a Sadhana (spiritual practice) and tears were overflowing. But… oddly, this time I wasn’t in pain or suffering, this time I was extremely happy, blissful, overwhelmed with joy and happiness. It was so overwhelming, I felt I was going to just levitate right then and there and just vanish into light. It was a very cosmic experience.

In this experience, I realized what devotion is. It is being able to show up and work on clearing the mental mind waves through mantra on a daily basis, blind to if anything positive will every occur or not. Having faith that from the teachings and teachers, maybe they were right. Maybe they were telling the truth. And just having a little trust in this, it kept me going. Until the day the damn broke and I merged with something so pure, so humble, so beautiful, so radiant, so loving, so kind, so unconditional…

Detaching from this experience was challenging as it was so moving. it felt like I had found and discovered my true mother and father in the universe. Or rather, Source found me. A little effort took me to Infinity.

Each and every morning as I awaken for a new day, at around 4 or 430am, there is never a guarantee if I will feel or experience this. Most times I don’t experience this kind of bliss, but the days when this does occur, it makes all the effort, all the countless days of showing up count.

Now, for something practical.

Here are some mantras that open me up and help me feel connected in times of chaos and stress.

Just give yourself to the ancient knowledge. Let go of your inhibitions and ego mind that wants to analyze everything. Let it all go and just be in the experience with neutrality.

Try these mantras blow.

  • Kali Ma is the divine feminine force of creation.

  • Wahe Guru is a mantra that transforms ignorance (darkness) to awareness (light) by balancing the elements in the body.

  • Ardas Bhaee is a prayer mantra. Infuse your prayers into this mantra and watch the miracles unfold.

  • Ra Ma Da Sa is a healing meditation that can heal traumas as well as being able to send the energy of the meditation to someone in need of support.


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