Embodying Peace - Breaking The Mask


Our life is a masterpiece when we Master Peace. Each and everyone of us came here to experience different life events / circumstances / joys / challenges etc. But underlying all them are spiritual themes that permeate us all. Whether its love, romance, career, finances, home life, social circles, introverted qualities, extroverted qualities… These are aspects of ourselves that we all are learning about. No one can escape the life lessons. As much as we may try to escape, one day it will catch up with us, and we have a choice… we can either learn through loving awareness or through incredible challenge.

Let’s do our best to learn through loving awareness, shall we?

I mean, seriously, no one wants to learn through hardships. While they are inevitable at times, we can always choose how to response to any given situation. We can step outside of reaction and into a consciously chosen response.

This is one way of looking at embodying peace.

Peace is something we have to put some effort into. All great things in life come when we train our mind how we desire it to act.

Remember, we will experience the result of our action.

In another word - karma.

It is the Universal Law in this dimension of creation.

What you want to experience you must be and give the essence of what you desire away.

In other words, if you want happiness you must embody happiness and share it. All the effort that is required is do your spiritual practices - meditate, yoga, chant, etc - whatever resonates with you. Then, with consistency and time, the sharing of your joy and happiness is effortless.

Same applies to money and abundance, if you desire to be more financially prosperous, have faith in giving away your money to those in need, the homeless, or charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

As with all things, embodying anything is a practice.

If you honestly, (key word here, honestly) look at your life and evaluate your actions, both towards yourself and towards others you can self reflect and thus be able to self realize and actualize your actions more clearly.

How you treat others is how you will be treated.

In order to practice the above, here is a practical meditation you can practice in your own time. Ideally before the sun rises is the best time to practice - also at sunset in the evening hours.

Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan on November 11, 1983


The hidden self has a hidden agenda. It creates an imaginary personality to satisfy that agenda based on beliefs about the self and the world that are acquired at an early age.

To cope with the pressure of the real self and the world, it projects a mask to the public rather than a functional persona or the simple radiance of the real identity.

The most effective approach to break the masks of your imaginary personality is by meditation. You confront the thoughts from the hidden personality at the root as they arise. Hit each thought with a phrase of equal force that interweaves you and the Infinite. The mantra must hit the thought and command it to stop. Do not reason or converse. Transform.

Stay in an absolute nonreactive state. Be neutral and project strongly. Assert your identity in God and spirit. Set the agenda of your mind by vibrating at a frequency that is higher and that invokes the presence of your higher transcendental self.

This meditation is excellent for that purpose. We must break the imagery imprinted through self-hypnotic trances started in childhood. The heart center must open and relate beyond the pain or fear in that imprint.

The affirmation used in this mantra is a double affirmative that can break away from the trance-like unreality created by the inner narratives of the hidden self.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Mudra: The heels of the hands are together in front of the heart center in an open lotus. The sides of the thumb tips meet, as do the sides of the little fingers. All the fingers are open and spread but are not stiffly held. It looks like an open flower. The fingers point upward.

Eyes: 1/10th open, or as you like.


Part 1: Prepare to chant the mantra with this segmented pranayam. Inhale one-third of the way and hold for 15 seconds. Inhale another one-third and hold 15 seconds. Inhale completely and suspend for a final 15 seconds, then exhale. Continue for 15 minutes. (With practice, this sequence of inhaling and suspending the breath can be taken up to three 20 second holds.)

Part 2: Chant the mantra for 11 minutes.

Part 3: Repeat Part 1 for 5 more minutes.

Total Time: 31 minutes.

Mantra: Chant the following mantra in a steady pace and in a tune you like that preserves its beat.

Har Jee Har Har Har Har Har Jee


The mantra means “O, my soul, (the creative) God is, God is, God is, God is, O, my soul.” Har manifests from the Infinite subtlety of God into immediate experience.

The double form—the palindromic sequence of sounds—manifests the state of creative Infinity itself. It opens your soul to be real and your mind to link effectively to your real identity.

In the mudra, the thumbs connect to represent “I am” and the little fingers “I shall be.” The three fingers that are open represent the past, present and future.

So between how you are and how your soul will bloom, all of time serves you. It is a mudra for your connection and flow of life from your essence; its subtle and electromagnetic form adjusts the projection of the heart center and lets your words go deeply into your mind to guide your new behaviors.

  • Here is a recording with a metronome timer to help you count out the 15 second segmented breaths, followed by the mantra to chant:

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