Do This To Elevate Yourself

Take a moment to think about what elevation means to you.


In this Kundalini Yoga Kriya we begin by a brief meditation that requires our conscious contemplation upon the thoughts within us that are limiting and blocking our natural flow. The subconscious is very powerful and, if its not cleared out through some kind of practice, will create havoc out of our lives. This kriya meditation and kriya is designed to do just that - clear out all the BS in the subconscious mind so you can live in awareness, compassion and all the consistent qualities of love. Love is a vibration that requires a consistency. When our thoughts go into that of a lower, egoic nature, we distance ourselves from the constant truth of Spirits wisdom.

Once we identify some of those limiting thoughts or behaviors, we elevate them to a plane within us that is of a higher standard, that is more pure and humble. By the end of the kriya your intention will integrate into the psyche and you will receive a sensation of bliss while being able to stay grounded.

I hope this meditation serves you.

Brandon SprattComment