Every Morning THIS Is What I Practice

Forgive me as I post a lot about this. But the importance of this practice alone, I cannot seem to express the importance of. Our lives flow based on our projection. What we believe internally is what we will outwardly experience. It is all a reflection and mirror.

When our inner world is peaceful and grateful, our desires become more simplistic, less about power, money or fame and about service, contentment, appreciation and gratitude for things big and small. Our ability to be connected to that place of peace within us is part of our destiny in this life. We may not always be able to control what happens in our life and our plans may get all convoluted or very detoured, but while all the chaos is happening around us, we can still practice presence through it all.

In fact, when life throws us plot twists as I like to call them, that is our opportunity to practice our spiritual awareness that we cultivate, not just when times are good, but during all times. Meaning this:

If we are consistent with a practice that brings us into inspiration and gratitude, the opportunities that present themselves will continue to become greater and great. Our small little bit of effort will take us leaps and bounds and bring us where we want to be, all the while being able to enjoy the journey.

Watch this short video expressing the importance of these morning and evening rituals that have absolutely changed my life.


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