Steve Jobs Number One Life Lesson


Life teaches us many things and this is absolutely true for this next lesson, a lesson that I have had to learn the hard way over and over again. When reading Steve Job’s autobiography, I was again reminded of the profoundness and simplicity of this one life lesson.

The Importance of Saying “No”.

Its interesting, there are some of us out there who have to be more open and learn how to say “yes”. While others out there need to learn how to be discerning and know when to say, “no”.

For me personally, I tend to attract a lot of opportunities, which is definitely a blessing, however what comes with this is this lesson exactly, knowing when to say “no” and when to say “yes” to the right things.

When we say yes to everything we are in a people pleasing mechanism, we don’t allow ourselves to truly connect and discover if this opportunity is a yes or a no. We get caught up in the always wanting to make everyone happy. Many times this comes from other peoples unconscious and subtle “guilt trip”. Most people aren’t even aware of their doing this. Even when they say they won’t guilt trip you because their father did it to them… yet their unconscious programming is projecting the guilt vibration without them even knowing it.

For people like me who can sense this, my work is to still be able to have that conscious, healthy boundary where I can say no without the unconscious projection from another imprint within my being. My aura and electromagnetic shield has to be strong enough, radiant enough to deflect this and not absorb it. This is a process to strengthen in this way, spiritually. However, it is fundamentally important.

Think about your experience of life, how often do you have to say “no”, and better yet, how often you stay in your truth and say “no”?

Be deeply contemplative of your journey through life and know when to say no. It is in saying no that you wait for the best, most in alignment opportunity to say “yes” to.

Today, take a moment to be deeply contemplative and let yourself be solid in who you are. When you want to say yes, say yes. When you need to honor a '“no”, honor it and say no. Commit to this discernment and healthy boundary so you are protected, don’t spread yourself too thin and don’t get caught up in an undesirable net of other peoples bullshit.