You Are Always Connected


Do you ever question if you are on your path?

If you are connected?

If you are doing all that you feel you should be doing?

All that you could be doing?

What about when you fall out of your commitment to your spiritual path and discipline?

What about when you get more and more distant from your meditation practice?

How do you navigate your life?

Since I have been in Mexico, I have been so in the moment living it up with the festivities of cultural experiences that my daily meditation practice has taken a little bit of a backseat…. However…. I’ve also had some realizations that I felt were important to share in hopes it supports you along your journey as well.

I ask all these questions above because, at times, I fall away from my routine of my spiritual practices. And then a guilt trip washes over me where I don’t feel like I am doing all that I could be doing to be in alignment with my higher self…

Then, I had a realization. The fact that I am here on Earth means that I am advancing in my spirituality. Earth is a challenging planet, a complex matrix with many unknowns and no clear path. It is a place where we have to learn how to co-create with the Universe. But what happens when our desires change? Whose desires are these wants / needs anyways? At their deepest level they are not yours, they are the Source’s.

The fact that you are here on Earth means that you have taken on a great challenge and that requires courage to be here. So firstly, let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for even being here.

As I have been a bit distant from my daily practice, I have adapted and evolved into a new practice of being a “person at prayer” meaning that in my day-to-day transits, moment-to-moment experiences I am in conversation with the Universe, in a dialogue with the Unknown and the Unseen in attempts to maintain a sensation of feeling connected.

I used to feel as if I was talking into thin air but now I know I am communicating with a consciousness, a presence, an intelligence within me that does hear me and is guiding me. These daily affirmations I reinforce to myself over and over again are the words of wands that shape my reality and continue to improve my experience of life.

My personal affirmations are not just empowering, but they inspire me to shift my emotions and take the necessary action steps to shift and evolve into a higher state of being, awareness and presence. Nowadays these affirmations act more as a reminder than lifting myself out of something negative. I’ve spent years reprogramming and training my mind to act the way I want it to be. I use the power of the mind to shape my life, not let the mind shape me. In the beginning affirmations feel as if you are trying to convince yourself of something you are not. Thats the first step to the integration of who you are becoming and evolving into. Then you start to believe it - internal validation occurs and the outside, external validation softens its grip. Then we arrive at the place where you believe these things that you’ve been telling yourself all these years. This is a rewarding time, for it means you are receiving the fruits of your labor.

Music has been another way for me to remember my divinity - not just mantra music or spiritual music, but music of all sorts, listing to the words of the artist, discovering their truths in their words, listening to the cadence of their tone, voice and emotion. Listening to the rhythm and beat that is an expression and representation of something that came from within them. Purely Magical.

The more and more I listen to the variety of music, from all ethnicities, I am finding limitlessness and infinite creativity within this diversity of creative existence - and it is inspiring me to create music as well.

So, I ask of you, what are your ways of feeling connected when you become distant from your normal, day-to-day practice? What are some of your tools? Please share in the comments below and pay it forward to someone who could truly benefit from your wisdom.

As always,

with love and gratitude,

Brandon <3