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Let Your Soul Shine


Soul Guidance

Life has its ups and downs. It gets confusing, we lose our vision and our dreams become distant. Sometimes we feel out of control or no idea where we are headed... This is why having a spiritual guide, a mentor in your life to help direct you into clarity is important. Those times when you lose your inner sight, having someone who can bring you back into focus, clarity, purpose and direction can make a wonderful and positive impact in your life.

  • Soul Guidance is Life Coaching focusing on: Confidence, Clarity, Career, Purpose, Love & Relationships, Life Decisions & Direction, Business Organization and Practicality, Spiritual Awareness, Lifestyle Diet & Wellness, and Group Facilitation (groups are in person and must be contacted first to discuss intentions - click here to send Brandon a message)

  • Available for individual sessions or monthly packages. Click Schedule A Session below for more information.


Embrace Your Truth


energy healing

There are moments in our life when we require some assistance, a helping hand to guide us through challenges, energetic and emotional blockages. The ancients knew and practiced powerful ways of spiritual healing to elevate their awareness, consciousness and heal through various pains and traumas.

  • Reiki & Pranic Healing Session - in person only

  • Distance Healing - can be facilitated remotely

  • Crystal Healing - in person only

Note: for in person sessions, please check Brandon’s Schedule or email him Here to confirm schedule and itinerary


 Dare To Dream


 Shamanic Journey Meditation

Learn how to meditate and receive a powerful healing transmission. You will be guided and into spaces within your mind and heart unique to you. You will also be given meditations to practice in your own time so you are left with support and practical tools. You are supported.

  • Learn meditation through a Shamanic Journey

  • Receive tools to support your healing process and deepen your spiritual connection


Explore the depths of your potential


Past Life Regression 

QHHT is a type of Hypnotherapy created by legendary hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist, Dolores Cannon. This method has been perfected with over 40 years of her in depth research and experience. Discover where your "home" is in the universe. Reveal your purpose. Heal from the past. Overcome limitation. Find clarity. Experience your past lives and let unconscious, subconscious patterns disintegrate away. For more about her method please visit her website Here

  • In person only

Note: for in person sessions, please check Brandon’s Schedule or email him Here to confirm schedule


Bring your life in balance


Private yoga Session

A Kundalini yoga practice focuses on the life force energy of the body - balancing all systems (nervous, glandular, lymph, endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems). When these systems of the temple of your body align together, homeostasis is possible. A private yoga session is designed to help awaken your inner being, to “wake up” from the dream of unconscious living and support your integration of a spiritually focused lifestyle. Awakening the Kundalini is powerful and should be done with reverence and respect. This is for those who are ready to deepen their devotion, their Bhakti practice, and elevate to a higher standard of living.

  • in person appointment only

Note: for in person sessions, please check Brandon’s Schedule or email him Here to confirm schedule