My #1 Tip For Overcoming Anxiety

I have something that I have self diagnosed myself as... chronic anxiety syndrome - I seem to always be anxious about everything. Whether it's meeting someone new, going to a social gathering alone, or doing anything I've never done before... I just have realized that I am someone who has a great level of fear most of the time - but I have more tools than ever to help me with these waves of anxiety. I hope one day that the anxiety leaves me forever, but I need to be okay with the fact that it just might not be the case & I need the right tools to be able to overcome the fear I constantly feel. 

Like attracts like, so I'm sure if you are reading this, you may be able to relate at some level. My intention is that this serves you so you too can live more peacefully. I've always seen myself being successful, but always so afraid of what that might bring along with it... I would begin to get in my head and question everything... Like, "Do I even want what I dream about?" "Why do I desire these things?" and so on and so on... Constantly feeling inspired and also confused and afraid.

What I realized is this: When I became homeless and was living out of my car, I said a prayer that The Universe, God, or whatever it is thats orchestrating this whole thing... I want THAT to take over my life because, my life was unmanageable - on so many levels. 

I never realized how deep that one prayer would be. It's changed my entire trajectory of what I wanted to do when I left home for college. I always knew that I would make my life worth while, but I never knew what that meant or how it would come into fruition. I have constantly felt like Im here to help, that I have a big heart and that I a lot to give. However, I began to realize that in order to give, you have to heal.... And boy did I have some wounds....

Now, I have gone on a path of healing, because I suddenly became aware of these wounded places within my own psyche. I wanted to heal and truly walk the path. 

What I realize today is that The Universe has been testing me to be courageous. It's a quality that I have always lacked and now is the time to be brave and learn the lesson thats been constantly presented itself and thus experience the reward by being brave. Without courage, its hard to be successful in any shape or form on this planet. 

So, while on this path, I realized that, more than anything in the world, I wanted to love me and be fully comfortable in my own skin and show up fully, being able to embrace all situations and people with an open heart and not the wounded boy who was desperate for any form of attention or love. I've realized that my life's mission and purpose is developing into wanting this same self love for others as well. 

This video demonstrates is an exercise called spinal flex and it quickly brings in a huge amount of oxygen into the lungs. Its detoxifying and creates alchemy in the blood. The parasympathetic nervous system is also calmed down, significantly. 

Couple notes:
1) Keep the head parallel to the groud.
2) Keep the spine as straight as possible. 
3) Eyes are closed at the Third Eye (brow) point.
4) You can say a mental mantra (Sat Naam) when you inhale right (sat) exhale left (naam)
5) Set a timer for 1-4 minutes. If you get dizzy or light headed, take a break :) Start slow.

NOTE: Remember that all Kundalini Yoga exercises are experiential. I can speak about the beneits all day long, but you are the one who will need to experience it in order to believe. 

That being said, I hope this video serves you and can release you from the bondage of self. Leave me a comment and let me know if this helped out your anxiety or tension too!

Infinite blessings to you,

Brandon Spratt