The Simple Trick To Forgiving Yourself & Others

Forgiveness is not something that comes natural or easy. When we arrive at the point where we are ready to begin forgiving ourselves and others, a lot of "stuff" comes to the surface. Resentments, anger, and that annoying energy that we don't want to deal with comes to the surface.

Instead of pushing our feelings under the rug, let's come together and throughly feel all of it. Go through the emotions and feel what it feels like to let go and forgive. Let out a tear if necessary.

When you begin to forgive others it activates a healing mechanism within you. It brings a deeper inner peace. If you let a situation from the past grip onto you, then it will control your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. It's up to you to realize that what you are upset and mad about is not in this present moment and the only reason why you feel pain or resistance is because when you think about those unpleasant times, you are taken out of the present. If you develop your ability to stay present, you wont feel this pain. 

A key first step to being present and grounded, centered, is to forgive others completely. Then say to yourself as many times as you need to , "I forgive myself."