Drugs, Alcohol, Addiction and Why I Choose to Be Sober

I have had multiple friends die this year from drugs or alcohol. Its becoming a huge problem in our society. As someone who has done their fair share of experimentation with drugs and alcohol, I know that with a strong spiritual practice healing addictive behavior is possible. 

I really feel the time is now to start stepping up our game and live for something much greater than our small desires and wants in life. Its about living a life of service, awaken ourselves and then being able to potentially aid in the awaken others. 

Our lives are so interconnected - we cant even imagine it with these finite brains of ours. It takes a higher perspective to see that we are all in this together and we are responsible for turning things around. But it starts one by one, individually. 

What can you do in your community, within your scope of influence to help someone?

What can you do today to improve someones life.. It could be as simple as as smiling at someone on the street as you walk past them...