A Spiritual Conversation With a Cancer Survivor 

A couple weeks ago while working at the flea market in West Hollywood selling crystals, I met someone whose courage has inspired me and changed my life. 

Her name is Radiant Racheli. She was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma over a year ago and decided to make a YouTube channel documenting her journey back to health. 

Her motto is "Fighting Cancer With Positivity!" What could be better right? A positive outlook on life, no matter what you are facing makes all the difference. 

So after we met at the flea market, we met up and filmed an interview with each other. It was about an hour and we did our best to edit it down to less than 10 minutes. 

She is such an inspiration and has made me realize how grateful I am for my health, my wellness, and to never take it for granted. 

Please check out the video - its a good one - I promise :)