How To Love Unconditionally

It's our birthright to be happy and to be loving to ourselves and others. The problem is this:

We grew up, were conditioned and influenced by the outside world and unfortunately, we forgot this fundamental truth. It is not taught in our society. As a result we put conditions on the ways in which we love. We unconsciously as well as intentionally create standards as to how we love one another. 

This, as A Course In Miracles would call it, is insane thinking. Through meditation and a mindfulness practice, its up to us, individually, one-by-one, to volunteer ourselves to let go of what we have been conditioned to believe and welcome a new perspective. A wholesome, integrated, all encompassing loving nature. 

The thing is... no one can do it for you, no one can meditate on your behalf - you must do the work on yourself. And while in the moment it may seem intense to go through, the greatest reward is right around the corner - freedom. The truest essence of the word. Freedom meaning you 100% accept who you are, loving every fiber in your being and wanting to share your joys with the world, like a child. 

This is the journey we are all on and its time to wake up. Watch the video to hear my response to Nick, who wrote in about loving without condition.