How To Quit Addiction & Compulsive Behavior

Addiction is no small issue... and most of the world is addicted to something. Whether its food, alcohol, drugs, sex, movies, reality tv, work, exercise, or anything else that becomes obsessive... When we become addicted to something it means that there is something out of alignment within your being. 

I, myself have gone through phases of addiction of alcohol, food, and drugs and the only thing that has kept me sober for over 6 months now has been a devoted spiritual path. To some, it might sound like a sober life might get boring. Well, I assure you - thats far from the truth. I've had so much time to learn more things I have always been interested in - like learning piano and studying spiritual books, writing, reading, painting, traveling, etc. Sobriety has been such an incredible gift in my life and I wish for everyone to experience it, even for at least six months out of your life just to see how you feel. 

In my sobriety, I have aligned with my purpose, I have increased clarity, profound intuition, and I've done the most self-growth work on myself than ever before. It's truly been a blessing to be on the natural high of life - nothing even compares or comes close to the true ecstasy I feel on a daily basis now, and nothing can take it away because it's something I've created within.

If you have an addiction (which most of us do), the first step is to become aware of it, to accept it, and to ask The Universe, or God as you understand Him to be to remove such defects of character. Thats a spiritual principle right out of AA and it works. Pray for its removal. Pray for the addictive behavior to be removed. Ask with humility and authenticity. That is the key!