From Medication to Meditation - Happy World Mental Health Day

Today is world mental health day. So lets take care of our minds! So they don't control us. 


Since I was a young adolescent I have been a very aware, observant and an extremely sensitive being. Because of this great sensitivity also came a heavy depression that I have battled sine I entered puberty. During middle school I was bullied and that didn't help my self-esteem or confidence at all. I became even more self conscious and insecure. Then entering high school, I started to get some bearings on life, but then got very into drugs and alcohol. I became very rebellious and experimented in dangerous ways. 

From the experimentation phase, I severely depleted my bodies natural homeostasis and my depression got worse and worse. I became extremely introverted and would isolate myself for long periods of time. Eventually, when I was in college, it got to the point where I had to get on anti-depressants. I was only on these for about 6 months because I felt more unstable from the medicine than before I was taking the medication. 

What I am trying to say is that, I have battled depression nearly my whole life and its not something that I share too openly about. However, it really is important because I have tried many methods of treatment and care and the only thing that works is... you guessed it... meditation. 

When I show up for myself and start out my day with meditation and end my day before bed in meditation I am much calmer and stable throughout my days. I am less fearful and more in a state of appreciation.

So in honor of Mental Health Day....

Here are a couple facts to remember:

  1. Next to the heart, the brain is the second most important organ of the body.
  2. Mental health is just as important as physical health. And if you think about it... the brain is physical, so take care of your mental functioning through meditation is very important. 
  3. Creating mental mantras that are empowering will attract more of what you desire into your life. Your thoughts turn into things. This is Manifestation Basics 101. 
  4. Develop the ability to direct and control your mental energy and you can avoid so much chaos and stress in your life. 

Now, I want to ask you a couple questions - and be as transparent and honest with yourself as possible. 


Yes. You can. 

But how?

Making a commitment to yourself and creating accountability towards others in your community is such a great way to maintain a consistent meditation, mindfulness practice. 

  • Become a leader, host a meditation class
  • Ask a friend you trust to join you to going to a new meditation / yoga class
  • Surround yourself those who are supportive of your well being.

Since I've begun traveling, I have met many young people who have opened up about their battle with depression - they come from all walks of life. This is not an issues isolated to one gender, race, religion, etc. This is an issue that is spread into the consciousness of many and it needs attention and to be addressed. 

As someone who is here to help create change and transformation in peoples lives so they are empowered with the tools to live out not only a life they love, but a life that serves the greater good of all, I am here for you and your mental well being. 

If you have any questions about mental health, where to start, what would be best specifically for you - please reach out and ask for help. I am here for your rise into the greatness of who you are becoming and meant to become. 

Soon, I will have an online program up filled with many types of meditation techniques that I have learned from my mentors, various healers, shamans, guru's, etc. And I will continue to add to it monthly as I continue to learn along this journey around the world. Click Here to to add your info to the School Of Awakening Email List for updates.

Again, if you need help. Reach out. Or if you know someone who needs help with mental well-being, please share this with them or you can fill out the form below for more info for one-on-one transformational work. To the highest expression of you,

with gratitude, 
Brandon :)

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