The 3 Truths About Spiritual Healing You Need To Understand

Since 2014, I have been learning about spirituality as a whole and more specifically, the spiritual tools that can help one to be liberated from the pain of their past, to lessen the anxiety of the future and learn how to be present. The more we are able to drop into presence, we give ourselves a wonderful gift. When someone is truly present with you, you can feel it, its undeniable. 

I’ve felt this first hand. When my guru would take the time to chat with me about whatever issues I would be going through, I could feel and sense this greater sense of awareness surrounding me. I felt this presence that would comfort me and no matter what I was going through, I would not be judged… or psychoanalyzed. Rather, I would (in a somewhat mystical sense) be able to come to realizations on my own, just by someone who is connected to their source being near me. When someone is truly connected to the Source within them, they then have the wonderful ability to help others heal themselves…. 


Now… there are some important points about spiritual healing… 

1) The healers who market themselves as “Instant Healer” are total marketing gimmicks. 

Heres the truth - Those who market themselves as being able to do “instant healing” are out of integrity - in my personal opinion. If someone says this to you its an instant red flag. Now, I can only speak from my experience, but healing is not something that can be instant. It is a process. I have gone to many, many healer and I wish SO SO SO badly that instant healing was real. But its a process that takes your own will into account - which is what most people forget. We live in a world where your will determines everything. 

You see, you have patterns of thought that are deeply engrained neural pathways within your brain. These habits control your belief system in regards to what comes into and out of your life. You must take consistent action towards your healing process. 


For example, how I work with my clients is empowerment based. I don’t leave you hanging after your session… Instead, I will leave you with some kind of tool(s) to use for your benefit. In fact, each client that I work with gets a custom guided, self hypnosis meditation that is unique to them and only them. That way, if they don’t have the time or energy or enthusiasm to do the meditations, pranayamas, yoga sets, exercises, chanting exercises or changing food habits that I recommend - then they at least have something easy to do where they just have to go into a state of rest and relaxation. 

2) You Must Stay Consistent With Your Healing Journey

Time and time again I see new clients who come to me to discuss lingering issues or repetition of the same patterns, just in a new set, with new people and new circumstances. This is because as mentioned above, for those of us who are healers offering our gifts into the world, we need instill our clients with empowerment and inspiration, letting them know anything is possible as long as they are willing, ready and applying themselves appropriately. 

As healers, we must realized that we are the spark that gets them going, but they must keep igniting the spark. When a healer does give you something to use each and every day, it will be up to you to keep up. And be honest and realistic with what you can maintain and do within your current schedule. Take on something realistic. 

3) When you feel uninspired, contact your healer for inspiration!

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.19.33 PM.png

Please, please, please do this, if not anything else. Those of us who are healers want to see transformation and positive changes in our clients lives. So when you wake up one morning with a total lack of inspiration or drive, contact us! Let us know what you are experiencing - whether through email, text, Facebook messenger, whatever! The healers who truly love what they do will humbly send you a note back that will lift you up and get you back on track, reminding you of your truth. We are here for you, don’t think we are only there for you when you book a session! 

A client / healer relationship is not something taken lightly. We want to see you rise higher and higher loving and appreciating all of life’s offerings. Those who are truly in integrity know that as your life shows continuous improvement you will share that with those around you and thus, the referrals come in - its a natural process. A win-win for everyone. 


Since this is such an important topic for me, I wanted to share one more thing…. 

As you begin to heal, truly heal… the divine masculine and the divine feminine become balanced within you. When this happens, you may begin to notice odd or strange things happen around you. And when I say strange or odd, I mean this in a good way - new things that you are noticing that may have not been there before. Some clients experience feeling more attractive and brighter, healthier and radiant. This is because - from a primal perspective - the more you are balanced, the more attractive you become, you begin to look like an optimal mate for procreation. It’s fascinating how this happens. This has happened in my own life. I had many insecurities around sexuality and when I became more balanced I found that both men and women became increasingly gravitated towards me. Now this isn’t just isolated to just me, this happens to my clients as well. 

Its important to not take advantage of this new power and keep it in balance within you. Let it be, appreciate it and know that this is a sign that you are truly healing. 

Cheers to your healing and spiritual journey.
Know that I am here for ya if you need anything. 

With love, gratitude and appreciation, 

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