Stop Drinking Coffee If You Have Anxiety


While I was in my teacher training, I gave up a lot of things, was challenged to look at my own compulsive patterns & learned to let go of what was truly not serving me.

One of those things was... you guessed it!


Oh man was that difficult the first time around... but through...


I was able to let it go. My yogi family held me up in many challenging times. This was no exception.

If you want to truly commit to a new habit or make a change that will better your life circumstances and desire some grace around the whole situation, accountability is huge.

Research shows clearly that when we make a commitment to ourselves we are less likely to stick to it. However when you let someone you know well and respect, chances are you are 3 times more likely to stick with the commitment & continue to integrate the new lifestyle changes...

Also.. sticking to the long term lifestyle change can be the challenge... I gave up coffee for over a year and a half then I moved to Bali & bam! I started drinking coffee again...

If you are a Vata in the Ayurvedic body type (link here for how to discover this) then you definitely want to stay away from coffee and this can cause higher than normal levels of anxiety.

While in teacher training, it was like being in a womb where we had the opportunity handed to us to be rebirthed and live a holistic lifestyle.. sustaining that is challenging unless you have a strong third chakra (strong will) or have those around you to support you.


Now on day three of no coffee, I am realizing now how much anxiety it provokes.

For months I have been on an artificial high and now coming off of the stimulant I can literally feel the organs in my gut purging all the toxins... it’s been an unsettling couple of days to say the least... however the only way to overcome this is to keep moving through the discomfort and this time.... to remember this feeling and not to engage in any substance that has addictive or altering qualities to it..

This time its a bit more challenging not being with my teacher training group... but nonetheless it's so wonderful to go through this alone and in a new state of being rather than relying on others to support me through it. Im experiencing an entirely new level of inner strength to get through this, unlike before - I might not have had the ability to do so without a support system.  


There comes a time when you just desire to vibrate at the frequency of your own truth, to be more pure and harmonious... and what we put in our body directly affects our glandular system. And if our glandular system is not functioning well, if our gut and intentions are not at their optimal functioning, we experience anxiety, stress, fatigue, just to name a few.

It truly comes down to the question, “what is the quality at which you want to live your life?”

Your answer to this will help you to reach a new state of commitment to where you desire a lifestyle change that benefits your temple. And once your temple is purified you are more able to help others. Because let’s be real! When you feel good that energy wants to expand and spread to others. Because sharing expands the feeling of happiness within our own self.

What You Can Drink Instead Of Coffee

Green Juice with added Parsley


I actually didn't know this until recently, but my dear friend, Joy told be this holistic trick. Parsley is high in Vitamin K, prevents Kidney Stones (my worst fear in life fyi), alleviates joint pain, high amounts of iron (great for anemia)... just to name a few things. 

Peppermint Tea


While this wont give you that same extremely stimulated high life coffee, this will uplift you. The peppermint is cooling and has a natural effect to make us alert and present. It also reduces fevers, bringing homeostasis to the hypothalamus. It also helps out bad breath (usually caused by poor digestion and poor diet!) Peppermint tea also has a great stress relieving effect as well. The anti-inflammatory nature can reduce your blood pressure and body temperature, and allow you to unwind and relax, letting your stress melt away.
BONUS FACT: Peppermint is great for stomach issues... andddd since coffee is harsh on the stomach, peppermint tea would be a great solution to help out the stomach and digestive track. 

Chai Tea


Now this does have some natural caffeine to it. However, its not as intense as coffee. Native to India, this soothing beverage is commonly made with rich black tea, milk, and a variety of spices, like cinnamon, ginger, or cardamom. A steaming hot mug of chai tea will help you get over an afternoon hump. An added bonus? Though you're automatically cutting your caffeine intake by drinking chai, the tea’s smooth, creamy flavor tricks your mind into thinking that it’s coffee!


My final piece of advice are two simple pranayama, breathing exercise that can be done individually. Best part is... it only takes 5 minutes!

Pranayama Exercise #1


Right Nostril Breathing

This is very simple to do. 

All you have to do is close off your left nostril and deeply inhale and deeply exhale through the right nostril. This is known as "The Sun Breath" by the Yogis. It activates the Pingala channel. This channel activates the sympathetic nervous system thus helping you to become alert and awake. 

When I was in teacher training and we were encouraged to wake up at 4am to practice meditation and yoga, this is what I would do to wake up & it always worked!

Time: 3 - 5 minutes. 


Pranayama Exercise # 2

4 part inhale & 4 part exhale

Tis is another simple meditation that only needs to be done between 3 - 5 minutes. 

First start out by exhaling out all of your breath. 

Then, inhale (through the nose, not the mouth) a little air into the lower lungs.

You will know you are doing this right is your navel point extends out just slightly. 

Now, breathe in another sip of air. 
You will feel the next chamber of your lungs expand - the mid abdominal area.

Now breathe in another sip of air into your heart center. 

Finally breathe in a final inhale of hair to the higher heart / shoulders area. 

Then exhale out from the:
Shoulders first, 
Heart center
mid abdominal
lower navel. 

Very simple and effective. 


Remember, if you need any help at all, I am here for you. 

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