5 Ways Decalcify Your Third Eye & Open To Infinite Wisdom

You might have heard about this topic of decalcifying your third eye if you are involved in spiritual communities, its definitely a trending topic. I remember when I had a client who came to me for a crystal healing and his main objective was just this. He was doing all kinds of things to increase his intuitive powers. All good things, a few of which I will mention below.


The ancients new many things and one of which was the power of the pineal gland, also known as the master glad of the body. This glad regulates hormones and chemicals that help us to feel balanced and a sense of higher connectedness. When this is functioning properly life flows with ease and grace, rather than struggle and discomfort. With that said, challenges will also be present, however, our ability to handle these challenges will be laced with patience rather than frustration and anger. 


Tip Number 1 - Get A Fluoride Filter & Use Fluoride Free Tooth Paste

If you have a water filtration system at home, you may want to double check that it is filtering out unnecessary fluoride. Fluoride in your water is subtle but definitely not beneficial to your health in any way. It affects the way the chemicals secret in the Pineal gland... 


Tip Number 2 - Meditate! Daily. 

Of course, you knew this was coming :) Meditation is the best way to help balance the inner chemistry of our brain. And it doesn't have to be boring... You don't have to just sit there & be in silence. That is actually more of an advanced practice. Instead, try chanting a mantra or a pranayama. I listed two options below that will help. Exercise is also a great way (see below) but to exercise this inner organ we must meditate. By pulling the eyes up gently towards the brow we put stress on the optic nerve which sends an electrical signal to the Pineal and makes it secrete! So fascinating how practical and scientific this all is. Thats why I love Kundalini Yoga, it truly is a technology & science. 

Tip Number 3 - Get Proper Amounts of Sleep


Not too much, not too little. Actually, the more you meditate the less sleep you will need. Scientists and researchers will try to always give you an status quo for "everyone" But we need to remember that each one of is different and so is the way we sleep. Fun fact: The yogis get so high from meditation and chanting that (in the books I've read) they could chant all night and go into a state where they were supercharged from Prana and would be up for a day or two at a time. Literally in a state of Nirvana, or whats also known as Samadhi, they would be in a trance where sleep was unnecessary. Now, getting back to practicality, because most people wont chant all night - which I understand - that was just a fun fact :) 

So when you develop a strong spiritual practice you may not need as much sleep, but until you are there and that is a natural progression, make sure you are listening to what your body is saying and make sure to listen


Tip Number 4 - Regular Exercise or Yoga

Another no brainer :) But we need to be reminded of these things. If you are regularly exercising or have a yoga practice, then you are set. But staying consistent is the key to all of this. If you stay regular with you routines thats uplift you, even if they require some effort, you will reap the rewards. Release those chemicals and neurotransmitters and rid the toxins! Kundalini Yoga has by far been one of the greatest things I have learned and continue to learn. My stress levels are low and I feel myself in a constant state of presence with very little anxiety these days. If you get the chance, check out a Kundalini Yoga class, have an open mind and you wont regret it. 


Tip Number 5 - Listen To This Guided Meditation

Here is an added bonus I wanted to share with you for reading this far into the blog :) 

I recoded this here in Thailand the other night, just to see what would come through.
Its a simple meditation that is for the Third Eye. You can lie down to do this meditation or you can sit in a chair sitting up. I recommend sitting up with your back straight. Its only about 20 minutes. To make it even easier, sit on in a chair - otherwise criss cross in a meditate pose. 

Note: There may be a few mistakes in the recording, its the best I could do with the limited tech and not so abundant WiFi... nonetheless, I wanted to provide you with something that will help you, from a practical point of view. 

Bonus Tip - Drink More Tea & Organic Fruits


Tea has a naturally detoxifying effect on the body and also the brain chemistry. Its subtle, but yet again, the mind is subtle. If you want to reach ever deepening levels of presence and peace, lifestyle changes are a must. Having more organic food that is truly still alive and living will open up and clean those inner organs like you cannot believe. Your body, your temple will thank you for this - guaranteed. Not everyone is after enlightenment, but everyone wants happiness and peace. The great thing is, no matter what you are desiring, it all starts with how well your glandular system is functioning, your nervous system strength and the hormone / chemistry... Once these are functioning efficiently, by you honoring your temple and listening to what your body wants and needs, you will feel lighter, have more energy, experience less anxiety and if you are a devote meditator, you will also reach wonderful states in meditation that are impossible to without a proper, healthy, lively and rich diet.

I hope this has serve you along your journey. 

If you need anything from me I am here for you. 

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