Overcome Guilt & Depression (A Spontaneous Channeled Meditation)

Our mind has a habitual pattern of bringing up things from the past that aren't always the best... things like guilt surface. We all have messed up, made mistakes and have done things that were out of alignment with what we knew was the right thing to do.

I was thinking about this and how it gets us all hung up in a vibrational thought pattern that sabotages our ability to manifest our desires. We cannot co-create with the Universe when we are all vibrationally out of wack with our inner being. Releasing things like shame and guilt dont happen over night, but with an intention, powerful things can shift and transform. 

This meditation won't heal you over night, however, it will but you into a state of appreciation, gratitude, and presence. And when we align ourselves with appreciation, our life... appreciates and things just get better. 

We each are responsible for our own alignment, no one can do the work for us. Let it be fun, enjoy the journey, and stay... awake! :) 

Enjoy the meditation and let me know if it was helpful! :)