The Importance Of A Daily Spiritual Practice

What is your spiritual practice? How committed are you to it? Do you give yourself the time to sit with yourself and process all that needs addressing?

When you meditate you are allowing your subconscious and unconscious mind to clear impressions from the external world - thus being liberated from the conditioning of the world thats been projected upon you, and as a result - you absorbed like a sponge. 

Are you aware of why you do what you do when you do it and who you are doing these things with? 

Loaded question I know. But think about it. Ask yourself, am I doing this action to fit in? Is this action expressing my highest consciousness? Or is this action I'm doing based on what I have assumed to be true based on what I have unconsciously observed from others...?

Its time to really take a look at our lives and see whats working and what isn't.

Its time to become even more aware and see where our pain is coming from and to address the root of the issues and not a quick fix bandaid. That quick fix will only bring more and more pain. Once you go to the root you are liberated. There are many layers to the onion of our psych, but bit by bit with due diligence - true freedom is possible. Trust me, I am living proof.

We live in a time of awakening on this planet and we each are responsible for staying uplifted, inspired, happy and joyous. When you feel sad, discouraged and anything negative, its a signal from your inner being to get back into alignment with the totality of who you really are. Its an opportunity to merge back with your spirit, with your source within you. 

See all negative emotional shifting as a moment to check in with your Self and evaluate. 

This is the by product of a consistent, daily meditative practice. In the beginning it seems like a lot of work, but you will see with time, your fears and anxieties will fall away and investing the time to clear the impressions from the world will be almost indescribably rewarding. You will experience moments of elation and profound healing. If you show up and keep up, you will be kept up. 

Remember, commitment overrides feelings. 

Brandon SprattComment