Discerning And Discipline

There will come a time where you are more discerning towards the outside world. Becoming aware, enlightened or liberated is not about saying yes, but rather about saying no to what is not aligned with you. Its knowing the difference between a true soul calling and something that feels a bit off - gritty.

Every spiritual teacher before us has shared this truth of discernment and there’s a clear reason for it. 

By discerning you are showing the universe your strength. You are turning your head the other way when temptation arises. You are able to walk through life with a sense of confidence that others will feel. You will radiate peace and compassion from the inside out. Other will want to be around you, to pick your brain and learn from you. But even in this there is temptation. Whomever surfaces into your surroundings has an intention, whether conscious or unconscious, there is an intention behind everything. With a daily dedicated spiritual practice you will be able to see through most situations clearly. You will develop the ability to read peoples desires and motifs the moment they walk into your presence. You no longer look at the body in front of you, instead you look deep into the eyes and see what the soul is saying. That is the highest form of awareness. 

Let this day flow forward with an awareness discerning what is yours and what is not. Through doing this you will turn your fate into destiny. 


The difference between the two is simple - with fate you are going along with life events, whatever will be, will be. With destiny, you are shaping your world and working on yourself daily to raise to a higher frequency in which everything you desire will come to you - but the interesting part is as you heighten your awareness, your desires will fade away and the world will be given to you. It is through this process that you can be liberated from the mind, and drop into the eternal heart. In this dimension that exists within you, you will realize that you are God, you are the Great Spirit, you are The Universe, you are everything in creation and everything is within you. I know that reading this might not totally make sense but ponder it. I assure you with enough discipline you have the opportunity in every day, every morning, every moment to elevate yourself to such a high plane that you will never want to go back to your old identity. 

You try on new cloths all the time, you get new cars, all these things shape your identity. How about you try on a new consciousness and a new state of being? Try on a new pair of classes and see through the all seeing eye, the pituitary gland. Activate this center in the brain and you life will work for you, you stop working for life. No if ands or buts about it. It will work.

Keep exploring the inner dimensions of yourself and the outer world will shift into what you've always dreamed of.... there are no limits, we are boundless, eternal and free. Pour love out of yourself in these uneasy times and live more compassionately than ever before. The time is now to self-actualize. We're all in this together. When we assist each other to heal, we all heal.... because we are all just different expressions of the same thing. Our soul inside of us communicates our experiences to the One universal spirit - this is why we must act on the level of our soul and not the ego. Let's be more loving. Do the inner work & then radiant that love until your last breath.