Daily Download - Insights About Faith


Just want to check in with you and ask you some questions about your life. About Who you are.

Why are you here. And if you're enjoying the quality of the life that you are living and experiencing. So just take a moment to think about.

What did you feel. What was your honest. Truth. You're honest. Here. What did you hear. I say yes. Are you feeling fulfilled. Or was it. No. Are you feeling stressed anxious. Upset. Fearful.

Not trusting. By default. Our. Brain. By default our brain and our mind.

Tend to think negatively. And so. If that's the case for you. I'm glad you're watching this. You should give yourself a little hug. How. Because now you're aware. You're aware of. What is serving you. You're aware of. The fluctuations of the mind. You're aware of how it's creating chaos in your life. Most times the mind. Is predisposed to creating scenarios because the self the small self not the higher self real self but the small ego self. Is addicted to experiences. It constantly wants one after another. You think. I to be fulfilled whatever I get out or whatever I move here or whatever I. Get that. Trading down to get to the school. Where do I get a degree or whatever. The mind is constantly trying to attach to the next experience the next experience the next experience the next desire. So how can we. Be present with. The Here and Now.

And be okay with it. What we have to really know what is our souls desires versus all the other thoughts and desires that are coming into play. And if we don't our souls desires are.

Then we can live a much more balanced peaceful life. But. Then comes the ego. And it. Will fluctuate the desires of the soul and manipulate and try and find its way in a crevice or crack and a moment of weakness or. The moment of. Of trial or tribulation on your part. And. So. What I've found. Is that. With a consistent practice you can align with your social desire. And it's not so much about.

Anything else other than faith and trust and yourself.

And so if you ever learn about these qualities of faith and trust that's going to be the very first things you will. So if you're just beginning your path. Just know. That it will be difficult in the beginning. Or it may be difficult.

For a long time. It just depends on what your some scars are. What are your habitue powers are. From your prior conditioning of your upbringing. Up until now. And also your karma that you came into this life with to fix and to. Correct. So. First off give yourself a little bit of a break. And then thought of yourself for being curious about a spiritual power. And lighting where. Your true desires. And this is I wish my intention. That you align with this as much as possible to bring more clarity and more peace into your life. Whatever the ego comes into play.

We can get very distorted and we can get very confused. And. Again that's another thing that the ego loves because it creates more experiences for it. That's another way for it to thrive. Whatever the ego. Is thriving confusion. Your soul gets more and more distant from you. And it goes takes a backseat takes a break. Because. We're usually not listening and. Our Soul is That. Faint little whisper. That deeply resonates as well. That's true. That feels right. It's humbling. It's simple. And it's usually direct. But it's very soft and calm. Whereas. The other voices that are coming to you in your mind that the set of voices in your head. Where are they coming from. How are they expressed. What is their tonality aggressive. Are they. Antagonizing. Are they. Fearful. Are they badgering. Are they coming from a like. From scarcity. You know.

A lot of our desires you know we think we need a buddy word or a network or certain things to make happen. But the man who has faith. And this comes from side of you who are all over you I listen to a lot. The man who has faith he says. Does not mean anything other than that. So if you have faith. In whatever you want to create. And trusting that it's coming from. Your soul. Away from a deeper place of unconditionally consistent vibration of. Harmony of love.

That helps your. And it also helps others. That's usually what the soul desires. The soul is forced to give and help and serve. But it takes faith. And.

A week or two. I rebelled against a lot of my religious upbringing. And. While that has served me to be a seeker finding my own truth in my own way across many religions and many spiritual modalities how it didn't serve me as I never got to learn something of faith and trust from early age whereas religion can be pretty good at that sometimes it can teach us faith and trust. There's a lot of people who have. A religious background and they trust and have faith innately. And all the parts of their life may not be as in as collected. They have some good qualities of faith and trust. So if you are a rebel like me and you don't revert to faith and trust or you didn't play to religion whatsoever take this time to. Collect yourself and say something positive or ask.

The universe to fill in the spirit the soul within you and without you. Asking. Please teach me faith. Teach me each day how it can be more faithful. Please guide me to the right mental munchers I can speak to myself. Allow me to sink into the state of trusting myself. Trusting others having faith in what I know and having faith in the know. Teach me teach me teach me. And just from this place.

Serenity of clarity. That I know everything that I desire. Will come into that position will come into form.

Either way of least resistance within me. I understand. That each. One of my thoughts cuts a vibration out into the infinite out to the universe rippling space and time and this. Physical. Seemingly physical reality that we are existing within. And I trust. That all that I. Will try to be and I try to be. As I allow. The natural process of things to do so. And is a much harder job to do. By really taking responsibility for being. We are human beings human beings like. Humans and we are all light men and light beings and we are here to be because as we sit at this place of being we that attract all that we need. And wherever we attract all we need and then we can take inspired action. By. The influences of what are coming to us.

Think about it. Everything that is in your life. You're taking action because of some attraction quality of what's in your present. So that's. Kind of the cause and effect here. What comes first and then what comes after. So really sit with it.

So please sit with this concept with this idea and don't take it as face value. Never take anything you hear at face value or be a scientist of your old stuff. Be a scientist by your side of the body. Be a scientist of your mentality. Be a scientist of your emotions. Be a scientist.


Be a scientist yourself and see what works for you. It is my humble and honest intention that this has served you.

And if you feel like anybody needs some inspiration in our life please share this. And if you're looking to deepen your practice I do offer coaching which you can find easily on the home page of my website and. Else you are curious about or would like a video made for you. Please let me know I am here to serve and help you along your path. And until next time.