A Way To Heal To Heal The Inner Child

My inner child has been calling out for some attention, affection and love. Not from anything outside myself, although that is the illusion that the ego tries to create... Rather, its asking me to deepen my practice and participate in more self love and self appreciation. 

The inner child needs maturing so it can take part in the responsibilities of this world. As we grow and expand into our potential, there are many aspects of us that need ....maturing. 

One part of us wants to stay unseen, quiet, reclusive and then theres this other part of us that knows it time to rise up to the next level of what is being asked of us. And if you are a sensitive soul like me, the fluctuations between staying unseen and in the background vs coming out of the shell and sharing your unique light with the world... can be challenging to say the least. 

I feel as if I am constantly fluctuating between being in a cocoon and then flying free with my wings open, embracing and loving everything and everyone. 

Maybe its my youth, being only 25, in this body and in this incarnation - the human brain is still developing. It's as if I am a pendulum, swaying back and forth from one polarity to another. If I were to have a goal or intention of my life as a whole it would be to even out this swaying back and forth and to stay in the neutral zone. 

When I am able to access this neutral zone, I feel safe, whole, secure, energetic, full of vitality, and deeply know that no matter what happens, I will be okay. That has been my mantra that has existed deep within me. I inherited this wonderful phrase from my mother. 

Both Cynthia (my mother) and I are very alike. She taught me many good qualities and manners, but I am most grateful for 1) her acceptance of me - always and 2) giving me the the belief system that no matter if the world is about to end and chaos is happing all around me, "I will be okay, everything will always turn out okay."


Please enjoy the video above, each morning after my Sadhana practice I record and share whatever wants to come through and today it was about a few topics, but one main focal point was surrounding the inner child and some techniques that can help to heal that part of ourselves that needs love, attention, affection and adoration. 

~Sat Nam