What I Learned From Being Away From Social Media

Like anything else in this world, it seems nothing can escape duality - not even social media. As with all things there is a bright side and a negative side... 


This is until you train yourself to see things from many perspectives. The yogis say that there comes a time in our personal human evolution where we will be released from living in duality. aka - enlightenment or nirvana. Now, that takes a lot time, patience and some consistent effort - but it is possible! 

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But... back to the point... 

Social media has become such a staple in our lives, it can be hard to live without it. Trust me! I lived without it for 38 days and I learned quite a bit. 

Here's What I learned:

1)  I Discovered my main character defect / shadow side & how it expresses itself

My main compulsive behavior I struggle with and have a hard time admitting to myself - let along to the world - is my relationship to food. I realized that food is my number one coping mechanism as well as my best friend when I need comfort. A lot of people struggle with this and it was revealed to me when I stepped away from social media. I have spent the past two years building a community that I love and to go away from it for 38 days was like I totally gave up. It felt like all momentum stopped and I accepted defeat. Well... rest assured, I am coming back more empowered and confident that ever before. This is a wonderful platform that I intend on utilizing to spread a message of love with. :) 

2) That I am going to use this as a platform for positivity, inspiration and upliftment

The online world is a place where I truly believe we are meant to use it to spread our truth. That doesn't mean we are strictly suppose to post about a "perfect life"... far from it... I believe we are supposed to use this as a tool to share our ups, downs, and how we navigate our lives - its how we respond (not react) to our situations and use our experiences to rise ourselves up and then those around us. 

3) This online community keeps me accountable and in integrity

This is the best takeaway of all :) It truly makes me smile and have so much gratitude - YOU keep me accountable to my word, to keep growing, to keep sharing in the world. Without a community, I feel totally lost in this world. I cherish everyone on socail media like you cannnnnoottt believe! I don't consider it a "fan" base, I don't like the word fan, it feels too egoic - I'd rather use the word family. We are family, brothers and sisters of humanity :) Thanks for helping me to realize this, helping me to rise to who I am meant to be in the world. 

... and a couple more things too, but you have to watch the video to know the rest :) 

With gratitude, love and appreciation, 
Brandon :)

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