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Its official! 

The launch of Awaken has arrived (actually about two weeks about and Im just late to announcing it through my blog - lol)

A new journey / commitment / adventure starts now. I had no intention or plan to ever start a podcast - it was never even a thought to be honest!

But then I had a dream where my grandpa (who passed two years ago on Jan. 31st) came to me in a dream.... Oprah was in the dream too! They both gave me some messages and one of which was to start this podcast! Over the past three years, since my life fell apart and then had to rebuild from absolutely nothing, overcome homelessness, rebuild my confidence from trauma & now living in Bali sharing yoga and meditation...

it’s kind of surreal what has occurred in the past couple years to be honest... I have written a lot of material and have wanted to publish it into a book.. I still intend to manifest this... but I feel it’s time to release some of what comes through me through the format of a podcast :) I hope you’ll be uplifted and inspired by what I’ll be sharing - Anything from personal stories of overcoming limitations, my journey of being homeless in LA, relationship realizations, practical spirituality, intuitive downloads, channeled meditations, and maybe even some interviews with thought leaders in the future as this progresses - we’ll let Spirit lead the way and clear the path for this endeavor.

My intention is to bring positivity, but more than just positive inspiration, I wish to bring you more awareness of the positive and negative polarities in life so we all can access the broader perspective that is beyond duality, right and wrong, good and bad... but to see the lessons in life and move forward with clarity, focus & courage. In order to manifest a life we love it takes many things & along my path, increasing intuition and awareness around decision making has been paramount. Without awareness how can we really progress and manifest without self sabotaging ourselves or becoming overwhelmed and crack under the pressures of life?

Ultimately, I hope my stories invoke awareness, shift in perspective, inspiration, hope & lift you up on a day that might not seem as bright as usual. Cheers to a new creative expression 🙏🏼😊 episodes 1 - 8 are uploaded to iTunes now

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